Egypt youth migration ………. fleeing to unknown

December 2nd, 2007 by EOHR


People movement from their country to work in other host country is not considered a new phenomena , it is a natural humankind known and will be known by all people including European union .This phenomena will last for a long period of time as long as there is a disparity of resources and employment opportunity on national or international level .Besides, the need for developed country to receive new migrants for different reasons .Searching for the best is the main influenced aspects on migration streams which determines its direction .

In the view of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership agreement and neighbor policies ,there is a short need for cooperation between countries which export workers and countries that receive them concerning the reasons and motivations of migration not only to get rid of illegal migration but to take a developed procedures for real partnership as well .

As regards to migration issue ,some realities should be highlighted as follows :

  • Migration to European countries for work is a main aspect to defuse unemployment and poverty phenomena not only on Egypt level but on Arabian area as well . When we shed light on Egyptian youth migration to Europe ,we can find that we are dealing with European union which is considered the most important partners which thousands of youth are living in.
  • Migration is a healthy phenomena and a source of economic ,social and cultural prosperity for all parts .Moreover, Egyptian government should manage the process through an integrated curriculum to treat the phenomena from all dimensions .
  • The necessary for harmonic national policies which comes from integrated coordination among all ministries and involved state institutions to crystallize the full vision of migration policy.
  • Egyptian workers rehabilitation is an important case for development motivations. It should be coped with western employment market to accomplish a collective sake between the two parties .
  • Remittance case is one of the most developed dimension for migration .This case partake of economic and social development as it is considered a significant source for foreign exchange .
  • The importance of cultural dimension for migration which plays a role of supporting understand and respect between nations. This requires intensifying the dialogue between the two sides and fighting discrimination and contempt of religions and protecting the rights of migrants and recruiting information tools to change the misconceptions about migrants.

In the view of the immigration file to European countries, the phenomena of illegal migration was increased during the last years. Despite the hardship of migration and its severe effects ,most of youth embark upon escaping from Egypt to unknown .Youth are escaping from tragic situation in their country .So the view of perishable boats which are accumulated for migrants became a repeated scene as youth take some of these boats to Libya and then to Europe .

According to the present situation ,there is many aspects make the illegal migration as a critical phenomena .Some of these aspects are poverty and unemployment and the lack of employment opportunity and the absence of national strategic for fighting this phenomena .

The increasing numbers of drowned Egyptians in the Mediterranean sea during sneaking into Europe union countries opened the file of illegal migration in the view of increasing numbers of victims and the weakness of government to fight the phenomena .

EOHR releases the report entitled “ Egypt Youth Migration …………… fleeing to unknown “ to describe the dimension of illegal migration through Mediterranean sea to Europe ,reasons and motivations ,mechanisms and confrontation ,how to solve the problem and the report includes live hearsay evidence of Egyptian families’ victims .

The first section : illegal migration ……………… definition and the dimension of phenomena

Migration in demography science is known by a movement from one place to another for best social or economic or political position ,if this movement is communal or individual as the same . As for sociology definition , migration means the changing of social situation like changing profession or social stage .

Secrecy or illegal migration is considered an international phenomena exists in developed country such as USA and European union or in developing countries such as Gulf countries and eastern countries. Some American Latin countries such as Argentina and Venezuela are considered center of attraction for migrants and in Africa where is the heritage borders of colonialism ,these borders didn’t make any snags to the surrounding tribes including some countries like Nigeria and South Africa .

Dimension of the phenomena

Illegal migration is difficult to be determined according to its nature and the illegal migrant has a disparity kind as follows:

  • Individuals who step in illegally without setting right their legal situation.
  • Individuals who step in legally but they extend after the end of allowed period.
  • Individuals who work illegally during allowed accommodation .

The percentage of illegal migration is incompatible ,The International Labor Organization evaluates the percentage of illegal migration between 10-15 % of world migrants who are evaluated with 180 million individuals .The percentage of illegal migration in the countries of European union is 1.5 million individual according to The International Organization For Migration .

UN estimated the numbers of illegal migrants to the developed countries in the last 10 years with 155 million migrant .International statistics estimated the numbers of Egyptian youth who succeeded in entering many countries in European union during the last 10 years with 460 000 individual including 90 000 individual inhabited Italy in illegal way .

Italian security statistics registered that Calabria ‘s ‘ s beach received 14 boats with more than 1500 illegal migrants most of them are Egyptians in the first quarter of the following year . The total of the illegal migrants who entered Italy through the sea were 1419 individual , 500 migrants died in the sea until now in return for 302 migrants during 2006 .Statistics showed that the Egyptian youth who repatriated from South Africa 2006 were 6748 individual. Also there are 8 000 individual from one Egyptian village inhabit Milan in Italy .

Migration stages

The last three decades of the previous century were considered a crucial stage in the Egyptian migration features .This stage registered a wide range of all kinds of migration as follows :

The first stage ( before 1985)

During this stage , European countries were in a short need of migrated workers of south .European countries manipulated the process of migration through family gathering channels . This stage was distinguished as the southern migrants understood the rules of the game in the northern countries , migrant called for his children right to join governmental school besides, most of migrants make the best use of European security inadvertence during this specific stage .European countries didn’t suffer from numbers of migrants because there was a vast migration to the gulf countries during this period of time. Mr,Berks and Mr.Snikler ,historians , presented their estimation concerning Egyptian migrants abroad who reached 383245 migrants with 61 % in 1975 . The estimation of the international bank for migration was 353300 migrants in 1975 and in 1983 a second estimation of Mr,Berks and Mr.Snikler appeared to declare that

Migration rate in 1980 was 695650 migrants , this estimation modified the first report and after the increasing numbers of migrants to Iraq the estimation modified to 803000 migrants . In 1987 The Central Institution For Public Mobilization and Statistics estimated the numbers of Egyptian migrants with almost 1.964 million individual.

Second stage ( 1985-1995)

This period distinguished by the appearance of legal migrants contradictions and the crowd of legal migrants among the original natives .This period coincides with the closure of coal mines in France and Belgium which was taken most of legal migrants during this time. In the return for this precautionary situation ,migration to north increased , especially in the light of the end of the oil boom and the emergence of massive economic contraction in oily countries.

On 19 th Jun 1995 with Schengen convention which was signed by France , Germany , Luxemburg and Netherlands ,any individual belongs to European union is allowed to move freely in the European union . when Spain and Portugal joined the European union , migration took unexpected dimensions .

This stage included a big irony represented in the international treaties issued in 1990 for protecting the rights of migrants workers and their families .These treaties were signed by 9 countries in the south but the irony represented in the treaties which were refused by all European countries the matter which clarified that European countries need to treat the issue from a new vision even if it will violate the rights stipulated in the international covenants which guaranteed the right to move and search for better future .

The third stage ( 1995 – until now):

This stage took a tougher security feature which was adopted by European countries to impose a severe security policy .This policy depended on implementing the decisions of “the new law for migration “ .This law reclines to restrict family assemblage and repatriate the illegal migrants to their countries.

The second section : illegal migration ……………… reasons and motivations

The dream of getting rid of poverty and hardship of life is the weapon which was used by the gangs of illegal migration to attract Egyptian youth who are fallen as victims to market brokers ,illegal travel bureaus ,migration mediators ,administration corruption and organized criminality groups who take almost 30000 L.E from every individual to travel abroad. These gangs are spreading between Egypt and Libya borders and in some upper Egypt governorates ,and after taking money as a pretext of providing employment opportunity ,these gangs escape without punishment and the Egyptian youth journey end with death or repatriation . Young people are being traveled through perishable boats and they die .If any individual succeeded in arriving to Italy,he would be transferred to Egypt as he is considered a violator to the Italian laws . Illegal migrants are being smuggled to Italy and Malta through sneaking into Libya and through Jordan to Greece and Turkey and Cyprus .Fayoum governorate is considered the most Egyptian governorates rising percentage of migration to Europe .Totoun village is the most famous village in the republic where young people escaped to Italy .Although this village is 40 000 persons ,there are almost 6000 individuals migrated to Italy and it is said that the name of this village was taken from one of the Italian streets .

The gangs of illegal migration contrive new behaviors as follows :

The Marriage of eastern European girls

In 2004 some of the Egyptian youth who are interested in illegal migration became active to marry Europeans to enjoy with legal position to join European union .

Egyptian security noticed that many European girls came to marry Egyptians in return for getting 15000 -45 000 L.E through mediators related to the Mafia of international migration .

This issue was not noticed by the ministry of foreign affairs and security authorities , but it was noticed by countries governments which took some procedures to decrease the phenomena .It changed its laws and legislations after its real joining to European union in order to cope the migration and nationality laws with other European countries laws and to prevent this kind of deception to accomplish the dream of migration .

Tearing passports in transit lounges

One of the deceptive method of illegal migration is the forgery of entrance visa to Latin American countries and some of African countries .When Egyptian youth arrive in the first transit point in Europe , they tear their passports and ask for European protection and not to complete their journey to the destination stated in the visa .

These steps are prepared with specialized gangs in forgery , but European authorities in airports noticed these methods and began to repatriate these individuals to their original countries .

Migration reasons :

Illegal migration is an international phenomena exists in many world countries ,but migration to Europe is become one of disturbing cases which got a major concern in the previous years .Economic motivation was the most main reason for the appearance of this phenomena .This is shown in the level of disparity between developing countries which export migrants and suffer from the shortage of investment and the lack of employment opportunities and proper living levels ,and the developed countries which enjoy with the rise of living standards and the shortage of manpower .

Illegal Egyptian migration is considered a phenomena due to the increasing of poverty and economic deterioration and the lack of employment opportunities .Unemployment percentage was increased in the previous years as it reached 10 % in 2002 and 10 %.7 in 2003 and 11% in the following year ,so we find young people rely to illegal migration .

Government continuity of the policy of depending on the private section led to increase the unemployment catastrophe .the appointment of graduates was canceled from 1984 as for middle qualifications or higher qualifications all the same .the reports of UN returns illegal migration to the increasing numbers of youth in the developing countries and the lack of employment opportunity and the disparity between rich and poor countries .traveling abroad became available for all due to the progress of the international communications and traveling methods and the decreasing of legal migration outlets .

The third section …… Egypt youth migration ……….. ideal cases

In the view of the above mentioned ,EOHR saw that it is necessary to hear the vital evidences of the victims of illegal migration and their families. So EOHR sent fact-finding missions to different Egyptian governorates as follows:-

•  El Dakahlia governorate :

EOHR’s mission moved between 3 villages ,these villages are Demlash –Belkas center , Meet Zonker and Kafoor El Arab – Talkha center .

The mission started with Demlash village 120 k.m away from El Mansoura with a population of 20000 person ,most of its people are poor and work in agriculture but they don’t possess lands . As for education , most of youth reach the middle education .

In the view of the degraded education and the lack of job opportunity , the youth of this village tried to travel through illegal migration ,most of them works in Damietta city and other surrounding villages as they work in carpentry workshops and their daily wages ranging from 20-30 L.E.

In 2003 EOHR informed that these youth knew some one called Hassan Aly Soliman ,member of smuggling Mafia .This man agreed with youth to help them to travel to Greece for 25000 L.E per person . After taking the commission , the broker calls them to determine the starting point from Alexandria port but they return back to their villages without traveling .This action occurred 5 times .

On 17/1/2004 the broker called youth to go to Alexandria port ,they informed that they will be transferred through a boat called “Asaad Karim No.410” ,but after 20 days of the traveling ,the families of these individual informed that their sons were arrested and detained in Tagoura prison in Libya .The families submitted complaints to the ministry of foreign affairs and the embassy of Italy and Libya but their efforts were useless .

The ideal cases

The first case : Mohamed El Sayed Mohamed 30 years old

This man is married and has 3 brothers and 3 sisters ,idle , he had a diploma in agriculture and live at his father’s house .

The mission met his brother called Amr ,27 years old without job ,who informed that “My brother went to work in Damietta in carpentry workshops where he met some one from El Borg village .This man told my brother that he can help him to travel to Greece or any European country . My brother agreed and the man asked him to pay 25000 L.E . My brother sold his wife’s jewelry and borrow money from our relatives .On 17/1/2004Mohamed traveled and we didn’t know any news . We went to all European embassies and the ministry of foreign affairs to ask about him but with no avail . After a period of time , we informed that Mohamed and his friends are detained in Tagoura prison in Libya ”.

The second case :Ashraf Mohamed El Demerdash 32 years old

This man is married and has 4 daughters ,he had an agricultural Diploma , live in his father’s house

The mission met his wife who informed that “ I have married Ashraf for 10 years and we have 4 daughters and we don’t have an agricultural land .So my husband obliged to travel to Damietta to work in carpentry workshops where he met some one smuggled him for 25000 L.E .My husband came and asked me to sell my jewelry and borrow money from his relatives .On 17/1/2004 the man called him to travel through a boat . We informed later that he is detained in Libya ” .

The third case : Atef Mohamed Abdel Wahab28 years old

This man is single ,had a diploma of agriculture , he has 7 brothers including 3 daughters and his father is ill and crippled .

The mission met his mother who informed the following:

“Atef concealed that he will travel although he is our breadwinner . when we knew that he will travel ,we gathered money for him and after his travel we didn’t hear any news concerning him till now”.

the fourth case : Waleed Shiboob Hassaneen

he is a farmer ,single , has 4 sisters , his father is ill and crippled ,he is the family supporter

The Egyptian organization mission met his mother who informed the following :

“ W aleed was suffering from bad circumstances as he is responsible for his sisters and his father is ill and disable .When he found a chance to travel to Italy , we helped him and borrow money . We didn’t know that he will travel through the sea .after his traveling we didn’t hear any news about him except that he and his friends are detained in Libya ” .

T he fifth case : Mohamed Mahrous Ata Allah 22 years old.

He is single and has 2 brothers .He got Industrial Diploma . He lives in adobes house with his father .His mother is ill .

The mission met his mother who informed the following :

“ Our circumstances are bad ,Mohamed went to Damietta to work and save money .He told us about his desire to travel and began to save money .We sold 2 karats to give him the rest of money .He traveled ,but we didn’t hear about him again “.

The second station : Kafour El Arab village Talkha center – Dakahlia governorate .

When the mission went to the village ,it found a melancholic atmosphere because the families buried a deceased man on 12/11/2007 who was accompanied by 7 persons detained in Italian center subordinated to the authority of Red Cross .

The first case :Mohamed Tolba Abdel Reheem 19 years old

He is single and a brother for 4 sisters. His corpse came in a full rotted case after 16 days of traveling .Mohamed was born in a poor family .His father is a simple worker and has few karats which were sold to help his son to travel ,but he died on the Italian coasts .

The mission met his father who informed the full story as follows:

“ Mohamed and his friends agreed with a gang of smuggling to travel to Italy .After paying a lot of money ,he traveled on 19/10/2007 and called his mother on 27/10/2007 several hours before taking small boats “ .The man cried and said this was the last time we heard his voice .”On 28/10/2007 the group who reached the Italian coast informed us that Mohamed was died and they found his corpse on the Italian coast” .They said that Mohamed took the second boat which carried 18 persons and all of them died .The second boat carried 18 persons ,11 persons alive and 7 persons died . “We sent his picture and a copy of his passport and he was recognized through sending and receiving faxes on 29/10/2007” . Mohamd’s friends called me and said that Mohamed was put in a normal room without a refrigerator after his death .the corpse was supposed to come on 5/11/2007 after finishing the required procedures but the appointment was delayed without any reason .on 7/11/2007 we have received a call informed that the flight was postponed till it arrived at 1a.m on 11/11/2007 .we received the corpse on 3 a.m after investigations instead of facilitate the procedures ,and he was buried at the end to take his simplest rights”.

The second case……. Mosaad Badr Abdel Samee Sayed 26 years old :

He is single ,worker ,his father is dead ,he has 4 brothers and 1 sister, his mother is a housewife . The mentioned is the only supporter for his family .When the delegate of the organization met the family of the mentioned man , they found that the case of the family is very bad and one of mosaad’s brother is infected with a chronic disease that needs an expensive treatment .

The man think of traveling abroad , he gathered money and traveled to Italy where he was arrested and detained as soon as he reached Italian coasts .He is detained at a quartering center subordinated to the Red Cross .

The third case : Awad Awad Barakat 25 years old

He had a diploma ,his father is dead ,his mother is a housewife who is suffering from diseases ,he has 3 brothers including one infected by diabetes and can’t work and 2 sisters . The family sold 5 karats to gather money and help him to travel .He traveled and faced many problems and as soon as his arrival ,he detained in a quartering center subordinated to the red cross .

The fourth case : Tamer Sedeek Mohamed 23 years old.

He had a diploma ,married and has one kid ,he is the only supporter for his family ,he sold his house furniture and his wife’s jewelry and all what he possessed to gather 25 000 L.E , but he became a victim of illegal migration and hen was detained now.

The fifth case …. Awad Salah Nasr 17 years old

He is a farmer of a simple family consists of a sick father and 5 brothers .He sold his mother’s jewelry and borrow money from everywhere to travel .His dream changed to a nightmare and he was detained there.

The sixth case …. Adel Abdel Hady Hassab El Naby 25 years old

He had a bachelor degree on the Quality Control of University of Workers ,he is a breadwinner of the family which consists of a sick father , mother and 2 sisters . he sold his mother’s jewelry and borrow the rest of money to complete the required amount for traveling . he traveled and joined his friends and detained in a quartering center subordinated to the red cross .

The seventh case :Reda Shabaan Hassab El Naby 20 years old

He got the certificate of general secondary school .his father is a primary stage teacher and his mother is a housewife , he has one brother , he dreamed to travel to Italy . He gathered money and traveled with his relatives to join the detained group .

The eighth case Mohamed Hssab El Naby 45 years old

He is a driver ,married and has two children ,his economic circumstances is bad .He sold his wife’s jewelry and a small shop to get money to be able to travel .He traveled and detained in the quartering center .

El Fayoum governorate …

The Egyptian organization mission went to Shadmoua village subordinated to El Fayoum governorate. This village is about 3000 person including 300 person in Italy . The mission moved to Totoun village where population come to 70 000 person including 12000 in Italy ,8 persons died during their attempt to travel and 20 persons were missed .

The ideal cases

The first case : Amr Mohamed Ahmed 25 years old ,Bachelor of commerce

“ I traveled to Libya to go to Italy , when the responsible man of the boat found many persons he refused to take us .two days ago we have received a call from the man who will help us to travel . He told us that there is a big boat and suitable for the journey. We were 61 persons and we took the boat and after 4 hours the boat faced a high wave which let the captain need to return to Libya . the man who is responsible of our voyage refused to return to Libya .We returned back again to Libya .After 5 days we tried again to travel with 213 girls from Morocco but the boat was cleaved to a rock and arrested by Libyan police . We are arrested and detained in Gonzour prison where we were treated badly the matter which we strike on food and asked to meet the Egyptian ambassador .We returned Egypt on groups while some persons escaped. While waiting any bus to return us to Egypt , one bus stopped for 50 Dinar . As soon as we had arrived at Egypt customhouse , we detained there asking us about the reason of traveling and we took deportation cards and we arrived at the end.

The second case : Emad Aly Moawad (33 years old) ,driver

Before traveling, we remained 20 days in a perishable buildings on the beach until riding the boat . We were eating a dried bread and Macaroni and we were divided into groups .It depends on luck ,one group may ride a boat which size is 4 meters but my group took a 18 meters boat .We went to 24 hours in the sea until we reached Lambatoza island where we met a group journalists and doctors who welcomed and gave us clothes and beds . we stayed in a place related to the red cross and then we went to Sheshinia where we escaped and arrested later and repatriated to Egypt .

The third case : Mostafa Mahmoud Abu Hamed 40 years old , married and has 5 children

“I have a lot of relatives in Italy , and I’m suffering from my bad circumstances which forced me to travel. I went to Italy in 2003 through Libya where we took a rubbery boat with 32 travelers .Before traveling, we knew that the boat will be driven by two Tunisian who took a wireless device from the broker. The boat was broken down after one day of the journey and we threw all our baggages and tanks and weights . We returned back to Libya where we arrested and detained .We returned back to Egypt after 27 days .

The fourth case : Soliman Abdel Salam ( 40 years old) married and has 4 sons .

“ I traveled to Italy through Libya where we took a boat and we were about 100 persons. After our arrival we escaped in farms until we took a bus and went to Chilia station where we arrested , we stayed 18 days in the prison and we repatriated to Egypt by plane”.

The fifth case : Nabil Goma Abd Allah (32 years old ) married and has 3 sons

“I traveled because my circumstances was very bad .So I went to Libya where we met a broker who took 10 000 L.E. We went to a place a way from the sea where we stayed there to be ready for the journey. We went to the sea through groups and we took a boat with 15 persons. This boat capsized off after one hour and we stayed 45 minutes in the sea until we were saved by a harrow . We went to Malta where we didn’t find boats to ride. We stayed 1 week in the sea until we went to Libya where we asked brokers about our friends. The brokers told us that our friends were saved whereas we saw their corpses in the sea. We took a bus with a very bad smell and we went back after we lost every things even my shoes in the sea. We went to our embassy and repatriated to Egypt .

The sixth case:Ahmed Ramadan El Nemr (22 years old) industry diploma .

This man died during his journey . The mission met his father who informed the following :

“ My son traveled because he didn’t find a job , he agreed with some one to travel to italy for 25000 L.E . this man will take 5000 L.E as soon as they take the boat from Libya and 10000 L.E when they go to Italy . After my son went to Libya , he took a boat with 24 persons . 16 persons died whereas 8 were saved ,and after 5 days of his journey ,I knew that my son died .

El Sharkia governorate :

EOHR sent a fact finding mission to El Sharkia governorate where there are many ideal cases of illegal migration victims.

The mission went to 3 villages , El Sadeen , Meet Saheel and Bany Helal .

The first case: Tarek Abdel Naby (24 years old) single , Iron carpenter , his wage ranges from 15-20 L.E , he tried to travel by illegal methods because the legal travel costs 100000 L.E .

The mission met his brother who informed the following :

“ My brother traveled with two friends through Alexandria . He paid 10000 L.E before his traveling to some one called Mohamed Abu Soilam . After his traveling, the owner of the boat called me to pay the rest of money in order not to through my brother in the sea . I told him that my brother paid 5000 L.E and he will pay the rest after his arrival. The man told me that I don’t know any one except I need my money . after 10 minutes I received a call from my brother who asked me to pay the rest of money in order not to be thrown in the sea . A delegate came to receive the rest of money and took 15 000 L.E and we didn’t hear any news until we found my brother’s name in the newspaper and we went to take the corpse “.

The same man informed the mission about one of his relatives as follows:

“My cousin called Abdel Ghafar Abdel Hameed Ibrahim who went with two friends to Alexandria 3 days before the feast. After 4 days we received their calls for help to pay the rest of money before 12 pm to Alexandria in order not to be thrown in the sea. We went to Alexandria where we met a delegate who took the rest of money. We paid the rest of money and we didn’t hear any news except we knew that the name of the mob leader on board is Ibrahim Saad and the owner of the boat is called Yasser.

The second case : Ibrahim Mohamed Yussef ( 19 years old ) farmer .

The mission met his brother Mohamed who informed the following:

“My brother traveled because of unemployment and my family is very poor. My brother went to Alexandria with many friends where they went to Italy . We are not able to travel in a legal way because there is no enough money. There is someone called Gamal El Bostaty who took 32000 L.E all at once .We knew later that this broker was arrested and my son and his friends were threatened by the owner of the boat to be thrown in the sea. The owner of the boat took a launch and went to Italy coast while the main boat was drowned and we received the corpse in the airport.

The third case: Rabee Ibrahim El Sayed

The mission met the brother of the mentioned man who informed the following:

“The main reason to travel to Italy is unemployment, there is no job opportunity for young people, and if there is an opportunity, the salary will be 150 L.E . What does this salary produce for a family with 12 persons? The second reason is the vast of wealth that youth could find in Italy .My brother went to Italy by illegal migration as the legal migration costs 100000 LE. My brother agreed with some bodies from Bany Helal to help him to travel. They took 25000 L.E and went to Libya where he will travel to Italy . We will pay 10000 L.E after his arrival to Italy and we will take a receipt that we signed before. We sold our land and borrow money to collect his journey cost. We didn’t know his news since he has traveled .

Names of El Sharkia governorate victims













































































El Kaliobia governorate

The last destination for the mission was El Kaliobia governorate especially Kafr El Gazar – Bata villages subordinated to Banha center where you can find a person from every house traveled to Italy and France :

the ideal cases of illegal migration :

the first case: Islam said (23 years old) , Bata village:

He is ignorant , he was a decorator before his traveling , he has 3 sisters and his house in the country side consists of 2 floors and there is a tower of 7 floors on the corner where he lives

The mission met her mother who informed the following :

“ My son saw all individuals in the village traveled abroad and return back to build towers , also my son need to marry and get a car, but how can he bring all these things and he stayed in his village .

He met some one called Ahmed El Shafei, lawyer, he is a broker of illegal migration in the return for 55000 L.E to be paid on installments . I sold my jewelry to gather money and my son traveled to Cairo where he took a plane to Russia with a visit visa , then he went to Ukraine through highway road , then he moved to Czechoslovakia where he supposed to go to Italy . We didn’t hear any news until we knew that he was confined with his 5 individuals from Kafr El Gazar and the other from Banha and Bata” .

When the mission delegates offer their help to ask about here son , she refused and said I know the fate of my son .

The second case : Hazem Atef Fathy (23 years old)

He had an industrial diploma , he completed his military status and he didn’t find a job opportunity . He is single . He has traveled since 18/8/2006 and his family didn’t receive any news or calls until now . His father told the mission delegate the following:

“ My son traveled because there is no jobs in Egypt , and if he found a job , it will be unsuitable , and even if he accept this job , he will never accomplish any thing . I know some one had a bachelor degree and he worked as a worker for 12 hours per day in a grocery shop and he takes 450 L.E per month .My son met a broker who asked him to pay 15000 L.E . He traveled from Egypt to Libya where he took a boat to Italy , he stayed 4 days in the sea until the boat crashed with Italian ship which cut the boat into two pieces the matter which my son threw him self in water and now he and 35 youth were lost .

The third case Mahmoud Mohammed Kamel (20 years old) married and had a baby

The mission met his father who informed the following :

“ My son was an upholster with me but life is very hard and there is now jobs . I asked some one to help my son to travel for 35000 L.E . Two days later , I asked him won’t you help my son to travel? , he told me to prepare him for departure . I began to collect money from every one .When I asked the man that my son doesn’t has a passport to travel , he told me that it doesn’t matter , don’t you want your son to travel you are talking to much !!.

I knew that my son will be smuggled . my son traveled and took a car from Bata TO Alexandria where he went to Italy with 20 persons . We knew that my son was in the sea and I received a call from the broker who told me that we stayed 3 days in the sea until we reached the borders of Italian coasts . My son succeeded in escaping and enter the city . After one week I received a call from my son informing his arrival . My son went to enhance our living and to find a job and to be able to collect money for purchasing a apartment and committing a project .

The fourth case: Hany Abdel Aziz ( 28 years old ) bachelor of arts – sociology department – no job

Kafr EL Gazar .

The mission met here mother who works at the National Unit for the center said the following :

“My son traveled to find a job to enhance his circumstances and marry and bring apartment and perform a project.

There is a lawyer called Ahmed El Shafei who told us that he can help Hany to travel for 55000 LE. We borrowed money and he traveled from Egypt to Russia via a study visa , then he moved from Russia to Ukraine and to Czechoslovakia where he went to Italy .the last call we received when he was in Ukraine 2 days after his traveling from 2 years ago , then we didn’t hear his news .

The fourth section ……confrontation mechanisms

The fourth section …… confrontation mechanisms

In the view of the high numbers of illegal migrants and the negative consequences represented in moral and financial casualties , EOHR calls the Egyptian government to prepare a 3 dimensioned strategic plan to deal with the phenomena of illegal migration and herewith the following statement with the most significant aspects of this strategy :

  1. Ministry of labor and Immigration with other ministries and involved institutions undertakes a plan for preparing needed workers who are suitable for Europe labor market to meet the need of European sectors .
  2. limiting the number of Egyptian migrants according to the economic circumstances of original and emigrated countries with respecting the rights of them .
  3. Expanding the circle of bilateral and regional treaties between Egypt and European union countries .
  4. Tightening the guard on land and sea borders to confront illegal migration and establishing detained camps to determine if migrants are allowed to pass or not .
  5. The need for collective cooperation between the ministry of labor and migration and information ministry to undertake the project of informing campaign to help youth to know the dangers of illegal migration .
  6. The need for providing employment opportunity to young people which is considered a necessary right according to all rights and human covenants.
  7. According to the suffering of southern and eastern Mediterranean countries of illegal migration , there should be a quite cooperation among involved countries to get rid of smuggling gangs with mutual security efforts.

EOHR invites Egyptian government to organize a conference involving Immigration and Labor, Interior and Information ministry and the need for involving civil society institutions to discuss all cases and issues related to the legal and illegal migration

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