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EOHR calls for investigation of El Missiri abduction

February 3rd, 2008 by Editor

EOHR expresses its deepest condemnation concerning the abduction incident of Dr. Abdul Wahab El Missiri and Dr.Karima El Hefnawy, Missiri’s wife from El Sayeda Zeinab square last Thursday 17th of Jan 2008 before the protested demonstration against rising of prices on the occasion of “Intifada “18-19 January 1977. It calls Attorney General for investigating in the incident .
Dr. El Missiri , General Coordinator of “Kefaya” movement and a number of members of the movement have been abducted by State Security Investigation to prevent them from participating in the demonstration, the security forces took them to New Cairo city before their releasing .

“ I failed to persuade security forces that we are not interrupting traffic , but they took us in the Microbus and took our Mobile phones until we arrived at El Tgamou El Khames area , then we have been thrown in a deserted place where a private bus passed simultaneously and transferred us to down town again “ Dr. Missiri said.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time in which intellectuals and educated Egyptians were abducted or abused, in 2004 Abdul Hameed Kandil ,Executive editor- in -chief of El Araby El Nasry newspaper ,was kidnapped in front of his house at Faysal district – Haram. Read the rest of this entry »

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Palestinian cry inside walls of seclusion

February 3rd, 2008 by EOHR

The Egyptian human rights organizations condemn the continued Israeli siege of Gaza Strip which caused the martyrdom and injury for many unarmed Palestinians at the occupied territories .The Egyptian organizations calls adjure the Egyptian government to intervene for the immediate lifting of the siege .

The siege imposed on Gaza Strip comes in the light of Israeli inhuman practices against Palestinian people like mass arrests, targeting innocent women, children and old men, starvation, and random shelling of cities and villages, besides, the construction of the racist separation wall, as well as assassinations and killing the elements of Palestinian resistance … etc

Three years have passed since the recent Israeli escalation in Gaza strip as the occupation forces paralyze potential economic and social life within the sector where inhabits with 600 million citizens. The rate of unemployment has raised and the number of people who are under poverty line has increased besides, the spread of epidemics and diseases . Food ,medicines and energy were cut off in Gaza strip where it became like ” animal farm”!!
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