The Egyptian Organization for human rights holds a workshop concerning “ The partisan life in Egypt … Reality and future prospects”

April 21st, 2008 by EOHR

EOHR will hold a workshop entitled” The partisan life in Egypt … Reality and future prospects” on Wednesday 23/4/2008 at 6:00 pm at its premises . This workshop will include a group of university professors and members of People’s assembly and Shura Council and representatives of parties and political forces and civil society activists.

This workshop aims at discussing the restricted legislations imposed on the political parties and working on enacting an alternative law for parties in accordance with the international covenants related to human rights, Mr. Hafez Abu Seada , Secretary General clarified .

Abu Seada added that the workshop comes in the framework of the Egyptian legislative reform forum ” EOHR’s initiative to amend and modernize the legislative system to conform with the international covenants on Human Rights” . This forum was established in January 2007 and includes a group of constitutional law professors, and some of partisan leaders and members of People’s assembly and human rights activists .Its activity will continue to a year and a half in the governorates of the north and south of Egypt.

  • Among the objectives of the Legislative Forum the following items :
    1. Amending the existing national legislation to be conformed with the international human rights standards stipulated in all international covenants for human rights, which were ratified by the Egyptian government in accordance with the Egyptian Constitution.
    2. Suggesting new bills imposed by the nature of the current situation according to the international human rights standards, or suggesting alternative bills instead of the ragged laws that violate human rights and main freedoms .
    3. Commenting on the draft laws submitted by either the government or members of parliament , as well as inviting experts for comment, to be submitted again to the President of People’s Assembly and Shura Council and the President of the Republic.

    In this concern , the Egyptian organization interested in drafting a new law on political parties that works on releasing the establishment of political parties through notification and prohibiting to establish parties that depend on military or religious, or ideological or sectarian, or ethnic organizes . As well as canceling the committee of parties which formed by Law No.40 1977 and forming a new committee chaired by the President of Shura Council . This committee includes the representative parties in people’s assembly and Shura council .Also this committee will specialize at discussing the establishment notifications of political parties and how they conform to the provisions of the law and releasing the freedom of parties to establish any numbers of partisan newspapers and mass media just through sending notifications to the involved bodies .Besides , providing the freedom to hold meetings and seminars , conferences without obtaining prior permission from involved bodies.


  • This project ( the Egyptian Legislative Reform Forum) supported by EU office in Cairo.
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