Members of the parliament and human rights activists call for the establishment of national committee to combat corruption

August 28th, 2008 by Editor


 At the end of a workshop held by EOHR on 26/8/2008 at its office , members of People’s Assembly and Shura council , civil society activists and university professors called for establishing a national committee to combat corruption according to the United Nations convention ,however it includes activists and all concerned with corruption cases  .This committee aims at putting a general  strategy to combat corruption , spreading  awareness among citizens, preparing a comprehensive report includes all dubious practices in a documented file to be issued to the public opinion , exerting pressure on the government to amend the national legislations for combating corruption and working on eliminating such causes that lead to corruption such as increasing  the salaries of employees and develop an appropriate procedures for the selection and training of candidates for public positions and supporting and strengthen systems that promote transparency and prevent conflicts of interest.     


Mr. Hafez Abu Seada clarified that corruption has become one of the most prevalent crimes on the Egyptian political arena which has prevailed widely in all fields and at all levels, whether political, economic or social , the matter which affected the Egyptian society and led to the spread of unemployment , poverty and the rise of the marginalized persons in the political life . The reports of the international organizations confirmed that Egypt took position No .105 on the level of corruption according to “Corruption indicators 2007 ” issued by “International Transparency Organization “.


Abu Seada confirmed that the spread of corruption in Egypt is linked to a set of factors such as the absence of the absolute democracy which includes the principles of accountability and values of transparency and separation among powers and standards of exchanging authority , besides the decline of salaries which doesn’t parallel to the rise of prices and the increase of luxury and consumer goods  as well as the differences  of the salaries of all workers in the state . Also there is no clear mechanisms for the conflict of interests the matter which led to the domination of some businessmen  on the Egyptian economy and the events of political process .


Abu Seada concluded his speech by warning from the consequences of the impact of corruption on the Egyptian economy, which undermines  the economic development which led to the distortions and huge deficits ,besides the cause of economic distortions in the public sector through transferring the investment of the public money to capital project abound by bribery .


Mr. Farouk Al Ashry ,member of defend committee for democracy , agreed with Abu Seada and pointed out that when corruption spreads ,justice will disappear and the social conflicts will increase rapidly , frustration and violence will grow ,social values will decline ,,,etc.


Al Ashry confirmed that the economic studies revealed that the cost of corruption in Egypt has reached an average of 50 billion pounds annually including more than 15 billions L.E in the private lessons and 10 billions in tax evasion and about 6 billions L.E in construction loses and housing due to monopolization and the rise of price of cement and iron  , besides 6 billions in smuggled money and 4 billions in  the agricultural land , as many as 6 billions L.E for drugs and  money laundering , and  local councils corruption with 2 billions and projects establishment without feasibility studies as many as 2 billions L.E .


Al Ashry indicated that the economic openness period led to the transformation of corruption and bribery and manipulating the job in the illicit enrichment to exploit the power and favoritism on all levels ,and after the issues of bribery represented in the small staff of the State ,ministers and senior officials became the first accused of committing these crimes .The corruption phenomenon has reached a considerable degree of seriousness , even one case of corruption ( Al Nasr for Castings ) has reached to 4.1 billions L.E .


 Al Ashry called for following a decisive policy and an integrated program for combating corruption , starting with young people to re-educate them with  the new set of rights and human values with applying standards of transparency . He called for establishing an integrated legal State and systems for accountability and independent judicial authority .


Abdul Khalik Farouk ,expert at the Centre for Political and Strategic Studies ,agreed with them and indicated that the phenomenon of corruption has grown in unprecedented way , besides the defects of the Egyptian legislation while dealing with this case , as well as there is no specific definition for corruption in the legislation as Article 103 of the penal code stipulated the definition of bribery  and paying no heed to all the other pictures of corruption , which in turn led to the widespread of corruption on all levels through the corruption Of officials who seek to appoint their relatives illegally and the corruption in banks , loans without guarantees ,and investment companies and briberies and the corruption that covered the health sector ,,,etc  .  


Mr.Farouk criticized the Ministry of Local Development on corruption, pointing out that this report focused on the  corruption of the young staff without approaching the corruption of senior businessmen , stressing that corruption prevailed  due to an array of factors such

as low salaries and the declined financial systems which drive people to commit crimes  .Corruption in Egypt is limited by specific mechanisms as follows :

First : The existence of systematic policies for army leaders and financial and trade unions .

Second: The existence of a group of businessmen who dominate the whole economic process as there are a common interests among them that they seek to achieve through all means through customary rules and communicated lines as a pretext to facilitate the investment .

Third: The continuing policy of impoverishing the low income categories  the matter which push some of individuals  towards corruption.

Fourth :Observation bodies Spoiled themselves by involving their leaders in the corruption cases .     


Mr. George Ishak , former General Coordinator of Kefaya movement , agreed with them and indicated that corruption in Egypt became unbearable ,corruption became in every corner of the State ,what happened in Shura Council is considered a clear corruption with no

Need to justify !!. Also what happened to “Al Salam ship 98″ is a clear corruption without any doubt .The incident of” Al Salam ship “killed about 1034 victims without punishing the culprits despite the existence of laws and international conventions governing the movement of traffic of ships.  Mr. Ishak confirmed the importance of combating this prevailed corruption in the Egyptian society .


Dr. Hamdy Abdul Azim , former chairman of Al Sadat Academy for Administrative Science , confirmed that corruption became a disease that threats the Egyptian society . Corruption has a bad effect  on  the economic performance which prevailed more than other aspects of corruption . The economic corruption exceeded the administrative corruption through the attempts of illegal earning and currency counterfeiting and arms trade and briberies ..,etc. 


Dr. Ahmed Abu Barakah , member of the parliament ,indicated that  the present situation shouted that the Egypt swarms with different types of corruption .Abu Barakah confirmed that the ugliest pictures of corruption reflected in the falsification of the will of people and at the end of his speech he called for establishing a good governor based on judiciary independence and separation among authorities ,and creating a real economic development and raising the salaries of employees in the state in order to get rid of individuals corruption .


Dr. Gihad Aoda , professor of political science- Helwan University ,confirmed that the phenomenon of corruption is not a nascent of the present situation but it has been started since the revolution of 1952 .He refused the term of “Anti-corruption” because this means that it exists, but it is necessary to remove the causes of corruption . He indicated that it is not possible to draft a law to combat fire because you are always expose to fire but the importance is to  work to abolish the causes of fire .



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