On the anniversary of the World Day for Supporting Victims of Torture

June 25th, 2009 by Editor


The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights (EOHR) calls the Government for adopting  a bill to amend some articles related to torture in the Penal Code and Criminal Procedures Law

    On the anniversary of the World Day for supporting Victims of Torture, EOHR recalls the government for a set of demands on torture crime which became clear in the Egyptian society  in the light of legislative deficiency, most of recommendations are as follows:

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First: The Government:


– Ratifying the two statements referred  in articles (21 ,22 ) of the Convention Against Torture which allows the Committee Against Torture in the United Nations to take decisions concerning such complaints submitted by individuals or countries  related to Egypt’s violation  to its commitments  stipulated  in the Convention of  torture.



– Ratifying the first alternative protocol of the  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which  allows the committee concerned with human rights for receiving the individual complaints related to such violations of the covenant and consider them.



Second: People’s Assembly


– To decide quickly on the bill submitted by EOHR on amending some provisions of articles related to torture  crime in the Penal Code (126, 129, 280) and the Criminal Procedure Code (232, 63).


– Amending the provisions of Article 126 of the Penal Code to conform with the provisions of Article I of the International Convention Against Torture, ratified by Egypt in 1986, which defines torture as pain or physical or mental torment.


– Issuing  a legislation to state  the right of civil prosecutor to directly bring suit before the criminal court for crimes of violating personal freedoms  including crimes stipulated in articles of Penal Code No. 126   which punish whom  torture a suspect to force him to confess , and articles 282,280 which sentence to imprisonment on the illegal detention.


-Canceling Law No. 121 /1956 related to amend article 63 of Criminal Procedures Law which restricts the right to bring suit against public officials such as police officers and returning back to the old system which gives the plaintiff the right to direct prosecution.


Third: Ministry of Interior and public prosecution:


– Assigning  standards and controllers and fixed instructions to monitor the performance of police officers, especially in the investigation departments.


– Increase the number of training and cultural sessions for police officers, particularly officers work in criminal investigations. These training courses  on how to deal with detainees in police stations, including respecting the citizens’ humanity, their fundamental freedoms that are provided in the constitution and international human rights instruments.


– The necessary to cooperate with human rights organizations and investigate the submitted reports to the Attorney General and the Minister of the Interior and provide information and the results of investigations . 


-The necessity of the public prosecution office to undertake periodic search into police stations and detention places to become acquainted with violation committed against  detainees.  


-Immediate investigation by the public prosecution on the reports sent by organizations and individuals concerning  abuses subjected by  detainees in prisons and detention places.



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