EOHR calls for the immediate response to demands of the employees of Tanta Company For Linen and Oil

July 12th, 2009 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights(EOHR) expresses its full solidarity with demands of the employees of Tanta Company for Oil and Linen. It called for the immediate response to these demands which consist with provisions of law and international covenants concerned with human rights. Also EOHR supports the General Syndicate for Workers of Spinning and Weaving in the procedures taken in this regard .

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The strike came in the wake of the sale of Tanta Company affiliated  to the Holding Company for Chemical Industries in February 2005 to one of Arab investors who persecuted the employees in the company  and deprived them from their financial rights guaranteed by the law which governing labor relations.


Demands of the employees who have stricken  peacefully since May 2009 till now are as follows:


– The return of dismissed workers and 9 numbers of workers including 2 members of union.

– Paying out  profits to employees.
– Paying out the periodic bonus amounted 7% since July 2008 in accordance with the law.

– Paying out the bonus on the basis of the salary of
– Increase The amount of meal allowance from 43 pounds to 90 pounds, as workers in other companies.


EOHR confirms the legitimacy of these demands which agree with what stated by the Convention of trade unions freedom and the protection of  the right to Organize (No. 87) / 1948 which was ratified by Egypt in 1957.It calls for immediate response to such demands in accordance with the law and international conventions.


EOHR renews its demands to add amendments to the Trade Unions Law No. 35 of 1976 amended by Law No. 12 of 1995, such amendment includes the freedom of workers to form trade union organizations and the freedom of trade unions to manage their affairs including the adoption of the rules which govern its meetings and its working methods and the formation of internal organs, also activating   social and economic rights for workers , workers shall be aware of how to experience their rights , preparing  union leader who is able to defend workers’ rights and protecting the dismissed workers.     

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