35 cases of violation committed against the right to health, including 17 deaths (January-July 2009)

July 26th, 2009 by Editor

EOHR issues a qualitative report on  “The right to health …Between the absence of the role and lack of vision”.


    The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR)issued its qualitative report entitled “The right to health … Between the absence of the role and lack of vision”  within the framework of EOHR’s interests of the system of economic and social rights and within the approach of signing the alternative Protocol of the international covenant on economic and social rights which will be signed in UN during next September. In accordance with the provisions of the protocol, individuals are allowed to submit a complaint to the commission of economic and social rights on violations which they face in this regard, the Commission has the right to take the necessary action accordingly.2009 flu season update; What Is The Swine Flu tamiflu purchase
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The report uncovered a set  of typical cases, which represent a flagrant violation committed against the citizen right  to enjoy with the highest attainable standard of health, these cases reached a bout 35 cases of medical negligence and treatment at the expense of the state including 17 deaths during the period from Jan 2009 till now.


EOHR adopted a different mechanisms in its qualitative report, firstly: documenting and monitoring of the different cases of violations committed against  the right to health inside public and private hospitals and private medical centers which  provide health services and treatment through access to live witnesses of patients who have been subjected to medical negligence. EOHR receives these witnesses daily at its office or through receiving them via E-mails or fax or mail.


Secondly: Sending Fact Finding Missions through visiting several hospitals and health sectors.

Thirdly : Reading what Egyptian newspapers cover daily. 

The report clarified  the extent of the deterioration of the health situation in Egypt as a result of the following : The absence of the role of the state and its various health institutions in this important issue as individuals bear more than 60 % of the cost of treatment, Stat’s investments are decreased in the health sector, releasing the hand of private sector which most Egyptians can’t bear  its high cost , also treatment at the expense of state is no longer available and the direction of the government is to pay out for new constructions instead of providing a good quality of medical services, besides  

the absence of law  which brings together such health services in one package, and the low level of health services received by citizens from health insurance system , and the spread of financial and administrative corruption in the health sector, poor spending on the health sector, it does not exceed 3.8% of government expenditure and 7% of the general balance of the State, while World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the expenditure should reach 10% of national income and 5 % of government expenditure.  


The report indicated to the failure of the system of preventive health which comes under the responsibility of

the Ministry of Health to get rid of the causes of diseases and to prevent them through providing serums and vaccines especially after the spread of diabetes, Cancer  ,Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and Swine Flu.


The report called the government for reviewing its role with regard to the status of the right to health as the state is considered the only responsible  of the right of citizens to enjoy with the right to health abiding by what provided in articles 16, 17,43,57 of the Egyptian Constitution, Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, article 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, social, which ratified by the Egyptian government, and thus became an integral part of the domestic law in accordance with Article 151 of the Constitution.


The report also called for the need to develop a vision for the future to improve the status of this right in order to preserve lives of children, this vision may be achieved as follows:


– The need to provide basic medical services for all and special groups.

– Activating the preventive health systems of disease, and methods of treatments and following up, disease such as  swine flu as an example.

– Access to basic health care services for free.

– Take the necessary measures for adding an adequate legislative provisions, to make citizens aware  of the rights and duties on their health and to protect people from hazards in the environment, which in turn lead to the spread of diseases and epidemics.

– Adopting  policies and strategies to achieve the highest attainable standard of health and health awareness among people in the framework of the recommendations of  World Health Organization.

– Issuing  decisions or laws that force officials to apply such decisions related to treatment at the expense of the State or performing surgery or in cases of treatment abroad. 

  – Preparing training courses for workers and officials for the care of patients, giving them the cultural awareness to prepare them to receive patients and how to treat them in a human way maintaining their health and psychological case and giving them medical assistances  without imposing such restrictions .


-Ministry of Health has to improve health situation inside hospitals after the facts of medical negligence which led to death in most cases. Also it is necessary to activate medical insurance system to cover all citizens taking into account low-income people and all covered  citizens and to provide them with their needs of treatment and medical care.

In addition to the above mentioned , it is necessary to  assure to link the right to health with other rights such as  the right to food, the right to health and safe environment, the right to adequate housing and the right to clean drinkable water.

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