EOHR calls for the release of a Swedish journalist in Cairo Airport

September 30th, 2009 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights( EOHR) expresses  its worries on  the detention of “Per Bjorklund“, Swedish journalist and Blogger in Cairo Airport in a clear violation for the right to movement, liberty  and personal security   

“Per Bjorklund” has worked in Egypt for 3 years for Swedish newspapers and websites and has a blog on the internet  specializing in labor issues. He had traveled to  Czech Republic in a mission and after he returned back to Cairo he was stopped by security in Cairo Airport on 28/9/2009 and prevented to enter Egypt. He has been detained  since the mentioned date till now.

In this regard, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights confirmed that the detention of the Swedish journalist is a clear violation of the right to liberty and security of person and the right to freedom of movement , the continuation of such measures to punish foreign journalists and bloggers because of their opinions is a gross violation of freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the Constitution and international covenants on human rights, ratified by Egypt, and became part and parcel of its laws  according to Article 151 of the Constitution . It calls the Egyptian authorities for allowing  him to enter the country. 

Also EOHR calls all civil society organization whether Egyptian or international for sticking  together to protect  journalists and to guarantee that they are not subjected to such acts which are not appropriate for journalists who are protected by international covenants on human rights. It is worth noting that this is not the first time to prevent foreign journalists from entering the country as Travis Randall, American journalist, was previously prevented to enter the country.  


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