EOHR announces the establishment of the Egyptian Alliance for the integrity of civil society

October 21st, 2009 by Editor

At the end of a press conference held by EOHR in cooperation with the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation on Tuesday, 20.10.2009 under the title of “Towards a democratic rules for Egyptian civil society”, representatives of political parties, trade unions and NGOs agreed to establish what so called ” The Egyptian alliance for the integrity of civil society” “, whose reference is depending on international standards and principles and rules of good governance.


Mr.Hafez Abu Seada, secretary general of EOHR pointed out that the Egyptian Alliance aims at achieving  two main goals:

First: To promote and develop the internal management of the civil society organizations, and develop their relations with State institutions, as well as enhancing its credibility with the public opinion . A document  was distributed during the Conference as it is considered a document of democratic rules to organize the conduct of Egyptian society.


second: Going a head towards amending the laws that regulating the work of civil society organizations to provide an alternative bills to conform with  

international standards of human rights, particularly on the right to peaceful assembly  and organization.

He called upon all groups of Egyptian civil society to work according to these  democratic rules and adopt them as part of their interior system in order to find solutions for their problems and obstacles represented in the weakness of interior structure, the absence of democracy , monopolization of power by specific leaders and the lack of funding.

On the other hand, Secretary-General announced the establishment  of “the Egyptian Alliance to monitor the elections” among the participation of 148 human rights organizations at the governorates level as well as the consent of the representatives of parties such as Al Wafd, Al Tagamouh, Al Ahrar and labor leaders.



Mr. Essam Shiha, lawyer of cassation court, indicated that parties are considered one of the pillars of the democratic system, and so the code of conduct comes in this regard with a set of principles to promote the democratic exercise inside parties through confirming the promotion of the principle of separation of powers, partisan pluralism, and political commitment to work in framework of what the constitution and international covenants have stated, abolishing all forms of merging between state’s institutions and organizations of government party . As for the relations between parties, the code confirms the necessary of managing the competition on power among parties with democratic methods, solving all parties problems with legal methods and democratic dialogue.


Mr. Talal Shoukr, labor leader, expressed that Trade unions law No. 35 -1976 and its amendments imposes such  a form of supervision and intervention by the administrative authorities on unions freedom. In addition, this code bring up a set of principles which need to be taken into account when amending the law of trade unions, these principles are as follows:


 – To ensure  the freedom of trade union organization and the non interference  of public authorities or any administrative body in the internal affairs of organizations.


– Taking all decisions independently of any outside party.

– To ensure the democracy of trade union organization through respecting the right to assemble for union’s members and conferences of General Assembly.


-Taking such procedures to prevent the trade union organization to be managed by a few numbers of leaders.


– To ensure the effectiveness of trade union organization through the adoption of forms of trade union movement to achieve worker’s demands such as collective negotiation  and various means of democratic pressure such as strike and sit-ins and demonstration.    

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