After stopping the broadcast of Al Alam channel, EOHR calls for enacting a bill on freedom of information

November 5th, 2009 by Editor

  The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deepest denial  for the sudden stop of broadcasting  Al-Alam news channel without giving any reasons or prior notice, which represented a clear violation of the right to freedom of opinion and expression and the right to exchange  information guaranteed under the Egyptian Constitution and international covenants concerned with  human rights.



 The viewers of Al-Alam news channel via Nilesat and Arabsat satellites were surprised that the channel was taken off air on Tuesday 3/11/2009 as the administration of the channel confirmed that the transmission being suddenly cut without a prior notice from the companies responsible for the administration of both two satellites and without giving any reasons for cutting of the service.



In this regard, EOHR calls officials of the administration of the two satellites to declare the reasons of cutting the transmission and to re-broadcast the channel in respecting the right to freedom of opinion and expression and the right to exchange information and to stop bothering subjected by the channel from time to time.   


 Also EOHR emphasizes that Egypt is in a great need to such a bill that guarantees the right to access information and exchange it similar to most countries of the world, this right is declared by  the United Nations in 1946 as a human right and as a standard  for all freedoms,



and declared in 1948 under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 19, and declared by the Commonwealth in 1999 and declared by  the European Union in 2002 “ Citizens have the right to access to information held by public authorities,”. In the same year it was recognized by the African Union.



It is worth noting that on 23/7/2008 a force of art work investigation broke into  Al Alam channel in Cairo, the force confiscated a number of computers related to the channel and a number of photographic films and filming machines at a pretext that the channel didn’t get a broadcast  license in Egypt. The office of the channel has worked for two years as the administration of the channel submitted the license papers , however the license  is rejected till now.

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