The Egyptian coalition to monitor the elections holds its first meetings at the end of Next December

November 16th, 2009 by Editor

The Egyptian coalition to monitor the parliamentary and presidential elections will hold its first meetings at the end of the next December, among  the participation of nearly 148 NGOs  at the governorates  level.  

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, Secretary-General of EOHR and the General Coordinator of the coalition confirmed that the process of monitoring elections adopted by civil society organizations is considered very important so that any elections can’ t be described with democracy and impartiality without an element of control, and that for achieving  transparency and objectivity of the electoral process . He welcomes the declarations of  Mr. Anas Al Fiki, minister of information on  the media’s role in monitoring elections and the need to review existing legislation to strengthen this role, however Abu Seada confirmed that media’s role is not enough as  there is a need for NGOs to play their role in the monitoring process . He added that it is necessary to amend the law of exercising political rights No.73 of 1956, as amended by Law 173 of 2005 to ensure the NGOs monitoring  to complete the system of monitoring process , in other words to complete the role of media with NGOs in the monitoring process without abandon the international monitoring.


Abu Seada added that every organization in the coalition will participate in monitoring the electoral process  ,some of them will watch over the legislative and political environment, woman’s role, while others will take care of media’s role and the whole process and its results and other relevant aspects of integrity and transparency of electoral  procedures and the process of vote count, polling, and freedom available to voters and candidates.


The coalition will come to enact a bill for exercising political rights to submit this bill to the president of the republic , People’s Assembly and Shura council for approval.


Abu seada pointed out that the coalition will include a consultant body that include a number of public figures and general secretariat to take charge of the issuance of the final report and a technical secretaries to take the responsibility of managing the coalition and following its activities and EOHR will be its premises.


The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights was one of the members of the Egyptian Committee for following -up the elections which formed to monitor the legislative elections of 1995,  also EOHR monitored the  legislative elections in 2000,  in 2005 EOHR undertakes the task of General Coordinator of the civil Coalition for monitoring elections, and this also will be in the next parliamentary elections and presidential elections.

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