EOHR holds a seminar entitled “Towards a free information society ” next Sunday

November 19th, 2009 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights in cooperation with the Center for Media Freedom in Middle East and North Africa – Morocco with the support of   Beyster Institute -California University will hold a seminar  entitled “Towards a free information society ” on Sunday, 22/11 / 2009 at 2:00 PM  at EOHR’s office . The seminar will include a number of experts and professors of law and  media and representatives of NGOs and human rights activists such as Dr. Ahmed Abu Baraka member of parliament, Mr. Raja Merghani , former Deputy of Press Syndicate, Mrs. Farida Al Nakash editor in chief of Al Ahaly newspaper, Mr.Ibrahim Essa, editoe in chief of Al Dostour newspaper , Mr. Essam Islambouly, lawyer at cassation court , Mr.  Essam Shiha, member of the supreme council of Al Wafd party and Mr. Magda Moris, vice- editor in chief of Al Gomhoria newspaper.


The seminar will discuss the possibility of forming an Egyptian  coalition for the freedom of exchanging information and the tasks of this coalition , its objectives and mechanisms at present and in the future as well, this is  in order to form a bill for the freedom of exchanging information that reflects the international standards in the democratic societies,  as the freedom to circulate data and information is the basic standard for any democratic system also it constitutes the most important tools for citizens to exercise their full rights of citizenship.


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