Representatives of civil society organizations call for establishing a coalition for integrity

November 19th, 2009 by Editor

At the end of a seminar entitled “The Egyptian coalition for the integrity of civil society ” which was held on Wednesday 18/11/2009  by EOHR in cooperation with the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation, representatives of civil society organizations call for the establishment of a coalition for integrity and transparency as an independent  entity with legal personality depending on international standards and principles and rules of good governance.


Mr. Hafez Abu Seada , Secretary-General of EOHR clarified  that the will of a number of representatives of political parties, NGOs and trade unions had met to form a coalition  for the integrity of civil society to be registered as an independent entity with goals and mechanisms , the coalition  takes the Egyptian Organization for human rights a coordinator for its meetings.


Abu Seada added that the Egyptian coalition  aims at achieving  two main goals:


First: To promote and develop the internal management of the civil society organizations, and develop their relations with State institutions, as well as enhancing its credibility with the public opinion . A document  was distributed during the Conference as it is considered a document of democratic rules to organize the conduct of Egyptian society.


second: Going a head towards amending the laws that regulating the work of civil society organizations to provide an alternative bills to conform with 

international standards of human rights, particularly on the right to peaceful assembly  and organization.


Secretary-General invited all the organizations of civil society in all governorates of the republic to join the coalition membership, the membership will be for both individuals and institutions all as the same.  

The general principles of membership and the way to join the coalition will be defined  in its establishment document which will be announced in its first meeting soon. Abu seada mentioned  that an establishment committee was formed for the coalition consists of  12 representatives of parties , trade unions and NGOs.


Abu Seada called NGOs , parties and trade unions in different governorates to apply the principles of the code of conduct(codes of ethics or rules of democracy) and adopt it as part of its interior system. This principles represented in exercising democracy and the integrity of elections,  accountability and transparency. In the same time Abu Seada appeals to the parliament to adopt the bills put forward by EOHR during the meetings of the coalition .


Participants confirmed the importance of the combined efforts exerted by civil society organizations, political parties , NGOs and trade unions to support the coalition in order to set up a strong independent entity, they call for promoting it in different partisan and national newspapers . Also they called for holding meetings for the coalition in different governorates to spread its principles, goals among different civil society organizations and to give a training courses for parties, NGOs and trade unions on the code of conducts and the necessary to amend the legislative structure and to work according to the international experience in this regard.


On the other hand, participants recommended the need to revise legislation structure which regulating  the upcoming parliamentary elections, including the amendment of law of exercising  political rights, No. 73 of 1956, as amended by Law 173 of 2005 to ensure the supervision of local organizations on the next elections in order to ensure a free and fair elections.

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