Quiet atmospheres spread over the elections of Journalists Syndicate

December 8th, 2009 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) followed up the elections of journalists syndicate on Sunday, 6/12/2009 for a new period of two years.

Representatives of EOHR noted that there is no any violation committed during the electoral process , also they noted that the participation rate is weak, as the total voters are 1265 distributed in 20 committees , while the members of the General Assembly who paid subscriptions for the syndicate and have the right to vote are 5416 members , whereas the Members of Alexandria are 109 members giving their votes in one electoral committee , the 1265 votes were distributed as follows:
(Committee 1 – 52 votes; Committee 2 -50 votes ; Committee 3-56 votes; Committee 4-60 votes; Committee 5-50 votes; Committee 6-60 votes; Committee 7-57 votes; Committee 8-60 votes; Committee 9-60 votes; Committee 10-50 votes; Committee 11-70 votes; Committee 12-80 votes; Committee 13-70 votes; Committee 14-68 votes; Committee 15-70 votes; Committee 16-86 votes; Committee 17 – 60 votes; Committee 18-73 votes; Committee 19-68 votes; Committee 20 -60 votes).
Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, Secretary-General of EOHR , expressed his hope that elections is being run in a democratic atmosphere and consistent with international standards of human rights, stressing the importance of journalistic work in Egypt as one of the main standard of the free and democratic society.
Abu Seada added said that there are many future files fall upon the next head of journalists syndicate including the development of journalistic work and to reconsider the structure of wages of journalists, according to World Bank Indicators ,journalists wages reach below the poverty line, and eliminate the risks of the special bonuses which comes at the expense of main salaries in the journalistic institutions the matter which applied in all state’s institutions as the bonus section became double the wages section in the general balance , this is considered a violation to the principle of “wage for work”, besides the problem of prison sanctions in publishing cases and other restricted laws imposed on the right to issue and exchange newspapers and snags which impede journalists to access to information.
It is worth noting that the competition on the head of the syndicate is running among seven candidates including :

Mr. Makram Mohamed Ahmed, the current head of the syndicate , and Diaa Rashwan, Vice-chairman of the Center for Political and Strategic Studies, of Al Ahram institute , Mr. Sayed Al Eskandarani, journalist at Al Gomhoria newspaper , Magdi Abdel Ghani, journalist at Al Akhbar newspaper, Ahmed Al Jabaili, editor in chief of Shab Masr newspaper, Mohammed Al Masry, journalist in Al Ahram newspaper and Mohamed Al Mazghrabi , Al Shab newspaper.
It is expected that the ballot boxes is closed at 5:00 pm to prepare to count votes to declare the new head of syndicate in the elections which is carried out under judiciary supervision.
EOHR welcomes any complaints from candidates and voters on the following numbers:

Mobile: 0102226341


The result of elections was declared and the second ballot will be between Dr. Diaa Rashwan and Mr. Makram Mohamed Ahmed on Sunday 13/12/2009

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