Life in danger, EOHR calls the Attorney General for immediate intervention to stop the sit –in of 107 nurses at Al Mansoura university

December 16th, 2009 by Editor

      The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR)  expresses its deepest worries on the sit –in of  107 specialist nurses at faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University on 7/12/2009  till now at the nursing building as they protested against the arbitrary decision of  transferring  them to work at a medical sector .


EOHR  had received complaints dated 10.12.2009 and sent a fact-finding mission to the headquarters of Al Mansoura university  as the nurses  reported that they give practical training for students of the faculty, explaining  the scientific researches and correcting  exams and evaluating  students. They were surprised by the decision of transferring them on 22/6/2009 session No. 3 and the decision was changed from a transfer to a deputation on 23/11/2009.


One of nurses informed that toilets are closed except for one and the drinking water is not always available, also another nurse said that one of my colleagues went to purchase a medicine , however she was assaulted by the security of the university and other cases infected with fatigue as a result of shortness of breath .


In this regard, EOHR expresses its deepest worries on the continued sit –in of nurses which the arbitrary decision to transfer them from an educated sector  where they have worked for years to a medical sector is clear violation to the constitution and international covenants concerned with human rights . EOHR is worried that their lives are subjected to danger as a result of the prevention of basic services represented in water, electricity and treatment …. etc.,  . It calls the administration of the university to stop the decision of transferring and it also calls the public prosecution to intervene quickly to determine  the reasons of sit in and terminate it.

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