EOHR holds a seminar on “The law of organs transplantation : Does it turn poor Egyptians to spare parts?”

December 20th, 2009 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) invites you to participate in a seminar entitled  “The law of  organs transplantation  … Does it  turn poor Egyptians  to spare parts?” on Monday, 28/12/2009 at EOHR’s office at 5:00 PM . The seminar will include members of the People’s Assembly and Shura Council and representatives of political parties and human rights activists and a group of specialists and religion experts.  

The seminar aims at putting  forward the  bill of human organs transplantation for discussion and research, and to explain its goals and the reasons of its issuance. Also the seminar sheds  light on the enactment of this law in the light of legal and moral rules which guarantee that organs transplantation  will not be a trade and the law will not be a service for  rich people for which poor will pay. The seminar will discuss article 11 of the bill on the definition of death  with reference to the experiences of Arab and international issues in this regard and  the future of organ transplantation in Egypt, with presenting several questions, including the question subject of discussion.

Seminar aspects
The first aspect : Tthe bill of transplanting  human organs … Objectives and the reasons
Speaker: Dr.. Hamdi Al Sayed – head of Doctors Syndicate and head of Health Committee in People’s Assembly
Dr. Mahmoud Elmeteny – Professor of Surgery and Liver Transplantation, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University
The second aspect: The bill of transplanting  human organs …. Try to evaluate the bill
… Legal vision.
Speaker:. Mr. Esam Al Islambouly – lawyer at cassation court
 Speaker:. Mr. Gamal Al-Banna – An Islamic thinker and writer
 Speaker:. Mr. Negad Al Boray – lawyer at cassation court
The third section : Arab and international experiences in the field of transplants of human organs … lessons learned
Speaker:. Mr. Abdallah Khalil – lawyer at  cassation court
fourth section : law on organ transplant … Does it  turn poor Egyptians  to spare parts?”
Speaker:. Mr. Mohammed Khalil Quetta – Member of the parliament

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