EOHR demands a secure and sustainable passage of humanitarian aids to Palestinians

January 6th, 2010 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights expresses its deepest sorrow on  the violence that accompanied ” lifeline 3 -Arish convoy”,  the release of tear gas against the participants in the convoy and the closure of El Arish port, and the imposition of intense security around it.

Clashes erupted on Tuesday between security forces and members of the convoy, “Lifeline 3” which carry humanitarian aids to Gaza Strip in El-Arish after the protest of members of the convoy on Egypt’s decision to allow only 139 vehicles from the convoy to cross to Gaza through Rafah crossing, 45 km from El Arish, and the imposition of 59 other vehicles to cross through Israel.  

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada , Secretary-General of EOHR called for the following:

  • The Egyptian government should work to create safe passage for humanitarian aids to the Palestinian people in accordance with the provision of Article 59 of the Fourth Geneva Convention [1] which states that “All parties signed allow the free passage of shipments, and ensure their protection.”
    •  The Government should move immediately and quickly on the  regional and international levels in order to compel Israel to open crossings and ports for humanitarian aids to the Palestinian people, and exercising  pressure on Israel to stop its policy of starvation for Palestinians, and not to impede the passage of humanitarian aids for them.
    •  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should  declare specific and official regulations facilitating the passage of humanitarian aids to the Palestinian people, while providing the embassies and consulates abroad with a copy of those regulations.
    •  Calling the international community for  intervening  to put an end to the continuous violations committed against  Palestinian human rights by Israeli occupation forces, and to take immediate action for the protection of Palestinians.

It is worth noting that   this is the third convoy organized by Galloway to Gaza Strip for lifting the siege , the organizers of lifeline convoys  are seeking to lift the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza strip which subjected to destruction in the war launched by Israel a year ago which resulted in 1400 dead, half of them were children and women.

Egypt is considered the largest country that sent such aids during the aggression against Gaza (18-28 January 2009), as the magnitude of aids of medicines , medical equipment and supplies reached 1568 tons crossed from Rafah land port besides,  1633 tons of food arrived via Al  Awja trade crossing, as well as sending 25 ambulances equipped for intensive care.

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