Giza Criminal Court sentences Yasser Barakat to one year imprisonment and a fine of 60 thousand pounds

February 4th, 2010 by Editor

Giza Criminal Court sentenced  Yasser Barakat, editor in chief of Al Mougaz newspaper, to 6 months  imprisonment and a fine of 20 thousand pounds in case No. 9364/2008 and another 6 months and a fine of 40 thousand pounds in case No. 14131 /2008 on Tuesday 2/2/2010 in a new relapse to freedom of opinion and expression.

The first case No. 9364/2008 was filed by Mostafa Bakry, editor in chief of Al Osboa newspaper,  against Yasser Barakat on 15/1/2008 charging him with libel and insult in a report No. 94/2008 issued in Al Mougaz newspaper pages 12&13.The second case No. 14131 /2008 was filed also by Mostafa Bakry against Yasser Barakat on 19/2/2008 charging him with libel and insult on  a report No. 99 pages 1&2.

In this regard, EOHR expresses its deepest resentment on the continued imposition of imprisonment sentence against journalists in publishing cases and calls for reviewing the Penal Code Act to abolish all imprisonment sentences in publishing and opinion crimes.

At the same time EOHR confirms the right to criticize public figures and members of the parliament as this right is guaranteed for the press. EOHR appeals to the Egyptian authorities, Journalists Syndicate and all society forces to  work quickly to eliminate prison sentences in publication crimes in accordance with conventions and international covenants concerned with human rights.


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