Hafez Abu Seada is the chairman of Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and Gasser Abdel Razeq is the secretary general

February 15th, 2010 by Editor

     At the end of the first meeting of EOHR’s board of trustees on Sunday 14/2/2010 after holding the General Assembly last  January, members of board of trustees agreed unanimously on  choosing Mr. Hafez Abu Seada a chairman for EOHR, Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hafiz a vice-chairman, Gasser Abdel Razeq a secretary general and Mr. Kassem Al Noubi a treasurer.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman  of EOHR suggested the formation of 8 committees  headed  by members of board of trustees  as follows: (membership and regional committee, the committee on civil and political rights, the committee on economic and social rights, committee on citizenship and combat  discrimination, the committee on training and indoctrination, Women’s Committee,  the committee on supporting EOHR’s resources, the committee on combating trafficking in persons and Egyptian abroad).

Employees of EOHR congratulated Mr. Hafez Abu Seada for the chairman position as they are renewing their trust in him because of his long history  in promoting human rights cases in Egypt.

Abu Seada confirmed his  continued defending of  citizens  rights including civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, he hopes that his efforts bear fruit in this framework to achieve success at the local, regional and international levels.

It is worth noting that Abu Seada was the secretary general of EOHR since 1998 –  February 2010, also Abu Seada is a member of the national council for human rights since 2003 till now and the vice chairman of International Federation for human rights (FIDH)since 2001-2004 and the permanent mandatory of FIDH in the Arab League since 2004 till now,  EOHR  got the consultative status for economic and social council  when Abu Seada was the  secretary general and it was also registered in 2003. 

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