EOHR holds a seminar entitled” The Egyptian coalition for the integrity of civil society…. Challenges and hopes” next Sunday

February 25th, 2010 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights in cooperation with the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation will hold a seminar entitled ” The Egyptian coalition for the integrity of civil society…. Challenges and hopes” on Sunday
28/2/2010, at 12:00 pm at EOHR’s office . The seminar will include representatives of political parties, trade unions and civil society activists.
Mr. Hafez Abu Seada , chairman of EOHR confirmed that the freedom of civil society institutions in Egypt will not be achieved without overcoming all obstacles and legal, administrative and financial restrictions in order to ensure first: their proper democratic practice, secondly: to activate the role of these institutions in the promotion and dissemination of the culture of human rights and democracy inside the society as these institutions are considered a mediator between rulers and nations. This will be achieved through reforming the environment surrounding the work of these institutions as a main condition for democratic reform, also to recognize practically the values of human rights in legislations and to increase the role of civil society in decision making and the establishment of a partnership between civil society and the State not a relationship of dependency, leading to a strong civil society able to contribute to promote the values of democracy and human rights.
Abu Seada added that the seminar aims at discussing the challenges – whether legal or administrative, financial …etc – that face the Egyptian coalition for the integrity of civil society and its institutions of different political parties ,associations and trade unions during the next stage , as well as hopes for the future.
It is worth noting that the Egyptian coalition for the integrity of civil society has been established since November 2009 with 40 representatives of political parties, trade unions and NGOs , its members approved a set of principles of codes of conduct (codes of ethics or rules of democracy) for the work of civil society institutions, which are represented in practicing democracy, periodic elections, accountability, transparency and integrity, in other words, to set or draw a professional frame for the work of those institutions, so that they enjoy with good management not just like structures which are not governed by rules and principles for action. A committee was established for the coalition represented by 12 partisan , labour , and NGOs representatives as EOHR was chosen to be the general coordinator for the coalition.Seminar’s agenda
• 12.0 – 12.30 the first aspect

Egyptian coalition for the integrity of civil society … A brief definition
Arab Council for the right to assembly and organization …. A brief definition
Mr. Hafez Abu Seada
Chairman of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights

12.30 – 1.00 the second aspect

Declaration of the foundations of democratic practice for parties and political forces …. The challenges and hopes
Speaker:. Essam Sheha
Member of the supreme council of Al Wafd Party
Commentator: Mr. Mohamed Farag

Assistant Secretary-General of Al Tagamou party

• 1.00-1.30 the third aspect

Rules of conduct for trade unions …. The challenges and hopes

Speaker:. Said Sabbagh
Secretary general of Al Ahrar party
Commentator: Mr. Sayed Hanafi
Secretary Labour of Nasserist party

• 1.30 – 1.45 Tea Break

1:45 to 2:15 the fourth aspect

Code of Conduct for NGOs … Challenges and hopes
Speaker:. Mr. Sherif Hilali

Executive Director of the Arab Association for Civil Society Support
Commentator: Mr. Farid Zahran
Director of Al Mahrosa Center
2.15-2.45 the fifth aspect
What after the conference of Arab League ?
“Freedom of assembly and organization : a road map for the future


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