EOHR calls the Attorney-General for the immediate release of demonstrators

April 6th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR calls  the Attorney -General for the immediate release of demonstrators who were arrested on Tuesday, 6/4/2010 as they protested peacefully in “Tahrir Square” to express their views freely, in accordance with the Constitution and international standards on the right of peaceful assembly,  freedom of opinion and expression and the right to liberty and security of person.


Lawyers of EOHR  on Tuesday, 6/4/2010 followed the demonstrators in” Tahrir Square “and the arrest of several of them and the violations committed against  some photographers and crews of the satellite channels whose cameras were confiscated,  in the forfeiture of their right  to peaceful assembly and freedom of opinion and expression. 


EOHR confirmed that such practices constitute a flagrant violation to the provisions of Article 54 of the Egyptian Constitution which recognizes the right to peaceful assembly without prior notice and a  violation to Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights which was ratified by the Egyptian government and has become part and parcel  of its domestic law in accordance with Article 151 of the Constitution,  also these practices are considered a clear  violation to the right to liberty and personal security guaranteed by  the international covenants and the Egyptian Constitution, as Article 280 of the Penal Code and article 40 of the law of Criminal Procedures prohibited the arrest, imprisonment or detention of persons without an order from the  competent authority, and any person has to be treated in a manner that preserves his human dignity.


In addition, EOHR calls the competent authorities to stop such practices and to guarantee the right of citizen to the peaceful assembly and expression of his views without restrictions . It calls all civil society organizations for coming together to defend the main rights of citizens including this right, Also it calls to  modify the repressive legislative structure which storms the right to peaceful assembly and expression, including the law of illegal assembly No. 10/1914, Law No. 14 of 1923on Meetings and Demonstrations  and the Emergency Law No. 162 of 1958.

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