EOHR submits a bill to the parliament replacing the law of exercising political rights

April 11th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR submitted a bill  for the general elections and the referendum to the parliament on Sunday, 11/4/2010  replacing  the law of exercising  Political Rights No. 37 of 1956, which was amended by Law No. 173 of 2005 in accordance with the principles and covenants of international human rights especially as regards to the right to manage the public affair.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman of EOHR, clarified that to achieve political reform in general and electoral reform  in particular requires adding  a lot of amendments to the law on the exercise of political rights. In addition, EOHR proposed to pass a new law replacing the current one which contradicts to the  international changes and to ensure the right of citizen participation in the management of the country’s affairs. The current law imposed several restrictions such as giving the executive authority a full domination over all stages of the electoral process, preparing the voters roll under the tutelage and supervision of the Ministry of the Interior, also the executive authority has a full control over all procedures of  nomination and electoral campaigns and to determine the day of election , poll stations and electoral constituencies.

Abu Seada added that the proposed bill  consisting of ten sections containing 79 articles, section 1 includes  “The electoral rights “, and section 2 includes “The electoral rolls”, while section 3 deals with “Organize the referendum and elections,” and section 4, “The competent authority supervising the elections and the formation of public committees, and extended committees and Sub-committees, etc “section 5  includes “Electoral propaganda “, and section 6 includes ” The voting process and counting votes , ” The announcement of the result of elections or referendum, “came in the seventh section, and section 8 deals with the ” Electoral challenges, “and section 9 includes the ” Election crimes, “and the final provisions came in section 10 of the bill.

Abu Seada confirmed on the importance of empowering civil society organizations to monitor  inside and outside the poll stations,  among bill’s suggestions is the publicity of  the process of counting votes and to enable candidates and their deputies  and organizations to attend the process of counting every ballot box in the poll stations and to deliver a copy  of the list of counting votes to  candidates and their deputies .

It is worth mentioning that EOHR  will hold a meeting for experts of the law and a group of specialists and a number of representatives of political parties and the parliament and a group of human rights activists to discuss the proposed bill  during the third week of April.


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