EOHR calls for the immediate investigation into the incident of the death of “Fadl Abdellah” at “Dermwas” police station

April 13th, 2010 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deepest worries on the incident of the death of “Fadl abdellah”, Egyptian citizen, at “Dermwas” police station , Menya governorate. The death – according to the complaint submitted by his family-  was due to torture till death. So EOHR calls the Attorney General for the  immediate investigation into  the incident.  

EOHR has received a complaint dated 11.4.2010 which stated that  on 31.3.2010 at about 11.45 PM  and while Fadl was on the front of his house at Azbet Al Tal village – Dermwas , Menya governorate, a force of the Police station  arrested him without legal support of the law, as he was accompanied to the police station where he was subjected to physical assault which led to his death. He was transferred to a nearest hospital but he passed away. When his relatives had seen the corpse, they found traces of blood in his face and physical assault. The family submitted a report to the public prosecution office under No. 1290 of 2010 Administrative Dermwas  as it ordered to transfer the corpse  to Forensic Medicine to determine the cause of death, also the  family submitted a report to the Attorney General under No. 6669 and another report  to the Minister of the Interior under No. 1041.

EOHR  expresses its deepest worries on  the prevalence of torture in the light of the legislative restrictions and sanctions imposed by the Egyptian Penal Code. It re-appeal to the parliament to quickly consider the bill  which already was submitted  by EOHR  in the course of 2003 to amend some articles of the Penal Code and the law of criminal procedures on the crime of torture, in accordance with  the provisions of the Convention against Torture, which  was ratified by Egypt in 1986.

Also EOHR  stressed on the necessary for  the Government’s approval  on the recommendations, which were postponed for consideration until June 2010 with regard to torture, which  represented in the commitment  to the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture (France), and invite the Special Rapporteur in charge of the issue of torture without delay and to facilitate his visit to Egypt (Netherlands), and the revision of article 129 and 126 of the Penal Code in order to expand the scope of sanctions against the perpetrators and prevent impunity (Spain), and to amend article 126 of the Penal Code to bring it in line with the Convention against Torture (Ireland), and the approval of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and other degrading and inhuman  treatment  (Czech Republic), and to ensure that perpetrator of the crime of torture shall be punished according to the comprehensive definition stated in Article 1 of the International Convention against Torture. (Germany).


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