EOHR submits a new documents to the Attorney General on the investigation with the two members of the parliament

April 21st, 2010 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization For Human Rights (EOHR) submitted a  new documents to the Attorney General in the case of the investigation with the two members of the parliament who called for shooting demonstrators, the documents enclosed with a CD of the speech of the two members  for “Alb Masr” TV program and a memorandum explaining the crimes they committed.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman of EOHR, Mr. Negad Al Boary and Dr. Heba Raaouf Ezzat, professor at faculty of Economics and Political Science submitted a memorandum to  Mr.  Abdel Meguid Mahmoud,  the Attorney General, against Hassan Nashaat Al Kasas ” and “Ahmad Abu Akrab”, members of the Parliament affiliated to the National Democratic Party (NDP ) due to their statements issued to incite to shoot demonstrators.

The memorandum confirmed  that the incitement to murder contradicts  to the main principles of the Egyptian Constitution and the international standards of human rights, which were ratified by the Egyptian government and became part and parcel  of its internal law according to Article No. 151 of the constitution.

The memorandum asked the Attorney General to obtain permission from the president of People’s Assembly to lift the immunity of the 2 members  and to investigate into  accusations  they are charged with.

On the other hand, EOHR sent a letter to Dr. Fathy Serour, the president of people’s Assembly, including a copy of the report No.7820 proposed by EOHR to the Attorney General on 20-4-2010, concerning the 2 members declarations, asking Mr. Fathy Serour to interfere quickly in this case   to investigate  with them, as they are inciting to murder outside law, also the declarations of both of the 2 members are violating the international covenants  of human rights especially what related to  freedom of opinion and expression , the right to peaceful assembly, and the main principles on using force and firearms by executive officers and contradict  to article No. 172 of the Penal Code on the incitement to murder outside the law.


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