EOHR calls for the release of Ahmed Saad Doma

May 5th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR expresses  its condemnation to the detention of Ahmed Saad Doma during the peaceful demonstration on Monday 3-5-2010 at the downtown in Cairo in front of Omar Makram’s Mosque, in a clear violation to the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of opinion and expression , that peaceful demonstration  was called by some of the MPs, public figures and political activists. Doma was referred to the public prosecution on 4/5/2010 which accused him in the report no. 4222 of sneaking into the demonstration in order to disable the provisions of the law, disturb public security, overcoming the authorities and attacking state’s property, and so the prosecution decided to sentence him to 4 days imprisonment pending investigation.

EOHR calls the Egyptian government for changing it’s way in dealing with the demonstrators who are expressing their views in a peaceful way without using violence, as the right to peaceful assembly is stipulated in the Egyptian Constitution and the concerned international covenants which was signed by Egypt and so became a part of the internal Egyptian legislation according to Article No.151.

Adding to that, EOHR calls for the abolishment of some laws like the law No.10 for 1914 of illegal assembly, which is considered as a martial law, and demonstrations’ law No.14 of 1923. Also EOHR appealed to the Attorney General to release Ahmed Saad Doma.


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