Human rights organizations call for amending the Charter of the Arab League

May 11th, 2010 by Editor

 On Monday, 10/5/2010 the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights(EOHR)  held a meeting  attended by a group of human rights activists in the  international and Iraqi organizations who praised the reports of EOHR  and its efforts to protect human rights, they expressed their intention  to continue the dialogue in the coming period between the Egyptian organizations and their counterparts in Arab States and amending the Charter of the Arab League and to activate the role of the Commission of Human rights in it.

     Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman  of EOHR confirmed that the Organization’s neutrality and transparency make it a unique place in the hearts of the Egyptians, and particularly that EOHR acts against violations that fall on the shoulders of ordinary Egyptian citizen, including torture as a crime against humanity and, indeed, EOHR has submitted proposals to amend some existing legislation in the light of the Constitution and international covenants, as well as EOHR gives serious attention to the electoral process and monitoring its effectiveness and it  obtained a decision from the Administrative Court to allow civil society organizations to monitor elections in 2005 which is a major victory for the change will. Abu Seada also called for  ending the state of emergency which is considered as an  indispensable case in the process of democratic and  political  reform.

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