In a series of Israeli criminal acts against humanity

May 31st, 2010 by Editor

EOHR called the international community for immediate intervention to cease the Israeli attack against  Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

 EOHR condemns the Israeli aggressive attack on “Freedom flotilla”, as this attack resulted in killing 19 civilians  and injuring of 60 , Israeli army used excessive force against civilians  including  women and children from different countries, they were interested in providing humanitarian aids  to people in Gaza , this constitute a crime against humanity according to article7(Paragraph 1,2) according to  the International Criminal Court. EOHR called the international community to investigate and intervene immediately to force Israel to cease fire and release the captive people and the Egyptian members of people’s assembly.

Hafez Abu Seada , chairman of EOHR, condemns Israel’s excessive and unjustified force which resulted in the death of innocent victims on “Freedom flotilla”, Mr. Hafez has described it as a crime against humanity and international human law and it takes the form of  international piracy, he also called the international community for intervening  and investigating  the issue and punish the felons and refer them to the international criminal trial , and called for  the security council and the League of Arab states to hold an immediate meeting to discuss the impacts of Israeli attack against “Freedom flotilla” in order to provide the international protection to those who support Palestinians.

Abu Seada added  that the Israeli crime and the previous threats is not a new for Israel which committed several violations and escalated aggression against  Palestinians and who support them, also confirmed the necessary to punish  Israel  on it’s crime and also confirmed the importance of protecting  those who support the freedom and dignity of humanity, and refuse all forms of injustice.

It is worth mentioned that on Monday 31\6\2010 the Israeli military  forces attacked  “Freedom flotilla” when it was approaching the regional water along side the coast of Gaza strip which led to many injuries and casualties in addition to the restraining of the ships and people on board.       


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