In the first monitoring reports

June 1st, 2010 by Editor

EOHR monitors a set of violations in the first monitoring reports for the Mid- Term Shura Council

The prevention of  observers and the candidates’ deputies  to enter the poll stations

      The observers of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights on Tuesday, 1/6/2010 monitored a set of violations  accompanied the Mid- Term elections for Shura Council, which 446 candidates have contested for 74 seats in 55 constituencies, including 255 independent candidates and 13 parties after the National Democratic Party obtained uncontested  14 seats. Most of violations committed represented in preventing observers, the candidates’ deputies and voters from entering the poll stations, and the delay in opening the door of poll  stations, and it came to the assault on some of candidates’ deputies, this shall be described as follows:


  • Preventing observers from entering poll stations (Cairo, Dakahlia, Sohag, Al Behira)

EOHR’s  observers monitored the prevention of some observers from entering poll  stations in 4 governorates (Cairo, Dakahlia, Sohag, Al Behira):
– Dakahlia governorate:


Observers are prevented  from entering the poll stations  of Al Oroba and  Taha Hussein Schools – the first constituency -Mansoura, on the pretext that they are not carrying permits from  the High Elections Commission.

– Sohag Governorate:

Observer are prevented to enter the poll station of Slamon school- the second constituency  at  Tamah company – Sohag.

– Al Behira governorate:

 Observer are prevented to enter the poll station of Hosh Essa in the third constituency at Abu Al Matameer police station – Al Behira.

– Cairo Governorate:

Preventing observers to enter the poll station of Al Imam Ali school in the fourth constituency at Al Gamalia police station.

  • Preventing the entry of candidates’ deputies in 4 governorates (Helwan, Beni Suef, Al Gharbia, Assuit):

– Helwan:

Observers monitored the prevention of  candidates’ deputies to enter the poll station

as they didn’t allow to enter the poll station except for those who have electoral voter ID and that matter repeated in Al Shobak village in the same constituency.

Also Helwan constituency witnessed the prevention of candidates’ deputies to enter the poll stations as more than 60 lawyers went to submit reports at Helwan police stations.

– Beni Suef:

Observers monitored the expulsion of the representative of the Labor Party’s candidate Salah Abdel Metal at Baba police station the third constituency -Beni Suef on the pretext that the name and number of power of attorney is not correct.

Al Gharbia governorate:

Observers monitored the prevention of candidates’ deputies to enter the poll station in the fourth constituency – Kafr Al Zayat  on the pretext that they were not carrying permits from  by the High Elctions  Commission and the powers of attorney they have are not approved by the police stations, however they obtained a letter from the High Elections  Commission allowing for deputies to enter the poll stations.

Assuit governorate:

– observers monitored in the first  constituency of Assuit police station the expulsion of the deputies of candidate Atef Amir Hefz Allah, and the permission of the entrance for the deputies of the candidate Malek Yacoub Kaldas.

– Assaulting  the deputies of candidates (Al-Gharbia governorate):

EOHR observers monitored the attack over the deputies of a number of the candidates from the head of the electoral committee Mr.Mabrouk Abd El Moneim (a member of the local council of the city) , as the attach took place over the deputies of Mr. Medhat Ramadan.

  • – The delay of the opening of the poll stations in 5 governorates (Helwan, Al-Dakahlia, Al-Giza, Cairo, Sohag):

EOHR observers monitored the delay of the opening of the poll stations in 5 governorates, where the committee No.182 of the constituency of Al-Mansoura police station ( contains 1025 votes) located in Al-Gawad Hosney school, was delayed in opining it’s doors on the election’s day till 10:30 am, also Al-Shoubak village in Helwan constituency witnessed the delay in opening the doors of the poll station till 9:00 am, in Al-Emam Ali school the 4th constituency in Cairo located in Al Gamalia police station there was a delay of opening the doors of the poll station, in the first constituency of Al-Giza governorate the doors of the poll station didn’t open till it was 9:20 am, Shatora poll station of the second constituency at Tama police station -Souhag governorate also didn’t open it’s doors till 10:00 am.

  • – Prohibiting the voters from casting their votes in 4 governorates (Al-Giza, Sohag, Al-Dakahlia, Helwan):

EOHR observers monitored the prohibition of the voters entrance to the poll station in the first constituency of Al-Giza governorate, the executive authority  refused the entrance of the voters who weren’t holding the rose voter IDs even if they held the national ID and their names were registered in the electoral rolls. This scene was repeated  in Al Shoubak village- Helwan constituency, in Helwan governorate- Helwan constituency- Al Menia primary school (except those who were holding the national democratic political party  IDs), and in Shatoura electoral committee- 2nd constituency- Tama police station- Sohag governorate.

In Taha Hussien school-the 1st constituency Bandar Al Mansoura- Al Dakahlia governorate, one of the police officers and another man of civil clothes entered the poll stations  and prohibited the voters from voting until after seeing their national IDs.

  • – The electoral propaganda:

Taha Hussien school located in the 1st constituency Bandar Al Mansoura witnessed the existence of electoral propagandas on the school fence, which were belonging to the candidate of the national democratic party.

It is worth mentioning that EOHR is monitoring 35 constituencies over 22 governorates which are (Al Dsakahlia, Al Giza, Helwan, Al Menoufia, Alexandria, Al Behera, Al Gharbia, Al Qalioubia, Kafr Al Shiekh, Al Sharqia, Al Menia, Al Fayioum, Port Said, South Sinai, 6 Of October, Al Bahr Al Ahmar, Al Suez, Cairo, Assiout, Souhag, Kena, Damietta). The monitoring of the elections is a right given by the administrative court sentence issued in November 2005 , which stated on ” the NGOs have the right to monitor: the elections inside and outside the poll stations, the counting of the votes and announcing results.”     

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