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June 1st, 2010 by Editor

Balloting Cards outside the poll stations and assaulting on candidates’ deputies  

In the poll station of Kfor Belshay primary school in the fourth constituency at Kafr Al Zayat police station, observers of EOHR monitored the events of assaulting on AlAshera Massa‘an shooting team (Reporter Karim Sheikh and Ayman Hares) while trying to cover the elections as they are prevented from doing their work , in the same constituency observers discovered that there are balloting cards outside the poll station under No. 310 and 312 . Also voters in Mounib in the first constituency openly incited to vote for Muslim brotherhood candidates, besides the continued assaults on candidates’ deputies and preventing observers from entering poll stations, this shall be shown as follows:

Prevent candidates’ deputies  from entering poll stations (Al Behira, Kafr El-Sheikh, Monoufia, Dakahlia, AL Gharbia)

– Observers monitored the prevention of opposition candidates’ deputies to enter the poll station of Galal Al Sharkay school – Abu Al Matameer – the third constituency – Al Behira especially  poll stations No. 353, 342, 343, 325, 328, 326, 327, 325 and 324.

In the poll stations of Shamsher primary school -the first constituency – Kafr Al Shiekh, observers monitored opposition  candidates’ deputies to enter the poll station.

In Amin Al kholy IN THE FIFTH CONSTITUENCY – Menofia governorate, observers monitored the dismissal of the deputy of independent candidate.
in Al  Moagd village  Sixth constituency – Dakahliya, observers monitored the prevention of deputies to enter the poll stations except for NDP candidates’ deputies.

Observers of EOHR monitored the expulsion of the deputies of the candidates from the poll stations, this action took place in Kafr Al Naseer school poll station no.(456-457) and Abd Al Moneim Ryad school poll station no.(444-45-446)- the 4th constituency- Al Gharbyia governorate.

  • – The observers of EOHR monitored also the expulsion of the deputies of the independent candidates and the closing of the poll stations in Shawky Al Nagar poll station-Tolaima village- Samanoud- the 5th constituency- Al Gharbiya governorate.
  • – Prohibiting the observers from entering the poll stations (Al Mania-Al Menoufia- Al-Giza-Damietta):

The observers of EOHR monitored the prohibition of the deputies of EOHR from entering the poll stations in DeerMouas- the 4th constituency- Al Menia governorate, in Othman Ibn Affan school- 1st constituency-Al Giza governorate, in poll station no. 109-Ahmed Shawki preparatory school for girls-Sqiat Mekky- the 1st constituency-Al Giza police station and in the 1st constituency -Dameitta police station, although they had had the permission of the high commission for elections.

  • – prohibiting the voters from casting their votes (Al Menia- Helwan-Al Gharbiya):

the observers of EOHR monitored the prevention of the voters from casting their votes in Al Maahad Al Deny poll station-Deer Mouas- the 4th constituency-Al Menia governorate, in Al Ghamaza Al Kobra- Al Saf center- the 1st constituency Helwan governorate, in Helwan school for girls poll station and in Kafr Gaafar and Kafr Naseer school poll station no. (456-457)- the 4th constituency- Al Gharbiya governorate.

Observers of EOHR, monitored collective pre-marked balloting cards nearly 1200 vote IDs in the poll station of Sanhoar El Kabila- Snros Ibsheway police station- El Fayoum governorate, and pre-marked nearly 5000 balloting card in Sanhoar El Behera in favor of the national democratic candidate, pre-marked balloting cards in Tersa school, the same thing happened in both schools of Maqles ,El Twfikia , El Silyen and Vedmin school.

Observers of EOHR , monitored microbus no.50997 Kafr El Sheikh carried people in order to pre-marked balloting cards after they get people out of poll station of motobos secondary commercial school for girls.

Collective voting(Helwan):

The observers of EOHR, monitored in the first constituency – Helwan governorate  collective transferring voters by buses no.865 of the ministry of military production from Am El Abtal secondary school for girls to cast their votes on favor of the national democratic candidate.

The poll stations are empty from curtains(El Monofia, Helwan):

The observers of EOHR, monitored the emptiness of many poll stations from curtains in El Monofia and Helwan governorates, this was in the poll stations of the industrial  , agricultural, Amin El Kholi schools in the fifth constituency- El Monofia governorate and the first constituency in Helwan governorate.


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