To face the phenomenon of impunity

June 12th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR calls for trying those who are responsible for murdering “Khaled Said”


 The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deepest worries on the death of, “Khalid Said Mohammed,” at  Alexandria governorate, calling for investigating  into the incident and arresting  perpetrators and bringing  them to trial.

It is worth noting that “Khaled Said” -28 years old” went to an  Internet Café at “Cleopatra” as two detectives from Sidi Gaber police station assaulted him harshly the matter which led to his death as a result of torture. He was led to Sidi Gaber police station, however in the police station, they asked the soldiers to return his corpse  to the internet café according to  the speeches of eyewitnesses. His family submitted a report to the public prosecution registered under No. 1545-2010.

EOHR declared its full  solidarity with his family in the report submitted to the Public Prosecution office, calling for all human rights organizations to take the same stance, calling for declaring the results of  investigations and bring the perpetrators to trial.

In this regard, EOHR renews  its demands as follows:

– Lifting  the state of emergency which has been imposed since 1981 and return to constitutional legitimacy.

– Torture :

In this regard,  EOHR renews its demands  for the government to response to Geneva’s recommendations issued by UN Human Rights Council and for  the parliament to quickly settle the bill has already been prepared by EOHR for amending some articles concerning torture in the Penal Code articles (126, 129, 280) and the Code of Criminal Procedure 232,63), and amend the provision of Article 126 of the Penal Code to be in a line with the provision  of Article I of the Convention against Torture, ratified by Egypt in 1986, this is to confront the phenomenon of impunity.

-The  Egyptian government has to ratify on the  two declarations indicated in articles (22 and 21) of the Convention Against Torture which the Committee Against Torture has the right  accordingly to take decisions on the complaints submitted by states or individuals related to  Egypt’s violation  to its commitments provided in the Convention on the torture crimes.

-Immediate investigation on the reports sent by organizations and individuals concerning  violations subjected by  detainees in prisons and detention places. The necessity of the public prosecution’s office to undertake periodic investigations into police stations and detention places to become acquainted with the legal matters of the detainees and to seize the tools used in torture crimes.   

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