Defending the freedom of opinion and expression

June 28th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR called for  the immediate release of the editor-in-chief of El-Saf website.

 On 27/6/2010 The public persecution of El-Saf summoned  “Sherif Abd El Hamid” editor-in-chief of El Saf website and the activist for investigation  in the report submitted by the member of the parliament of El-Saf constituency against him , as he was accused of the case of libel and defame, the report submitted to the Internet  Information Department  in the Ministry of Interior( Internet Crimes), the report has been registered under No.6/2010 -Economic Misdemeanor.

The public prosecution charged the activist Abd El Hamid with publishing articles on the website during May and July 2010, he criticized the  member of the parliament, he considered him  responsible for the low living and service conditions in El-Saf center-Giza governorate, he didn’t provide the inhabitants any effective services, the investigation continued for 3 hours, in the same time the defense lawyer couldn’t acquainted with  the submitted report. 

The  prosecution issued its decision with releasing him on bail with an amount of 1000 L.E , however he refused to pay the bail as this falls within the scope of freedom of opinion and expression guaranteed by the Constitution and international covenants on human rights, “and the articles published by Abd El Hamid come in the context of the permitted criticism.

Therefore, the prosecution ordered to refer him to the night prosecution to take the necessary decision regarding his refusal to pay the determined bail the matter which led the night prosecution to decide to keep him 4 days in custody pending investigation, this prompted Abd El Hamid to engage in an open hunger strike in El- Saf police station. 

In this context, EOHR  calls for the immediate release of ” Sherif Abd El-Hamid “in pursuance of the rights guaranteed under the Egyptian Constitution and international covenants on human rights.

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