EOHR appeals to the President of the Republic to stop trying the workers of “Helwan Company For Engineering Industries ” before military courts

August 26th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR expresses its deepest worries on trying workers of “Helwan Company For Engineering Industries (99 Military  Factory)” before military court – Naser City district on Sunday 22/8/2010 in case No. 86 /2010 -Military Misdemeanor,  the matter which constitutes a violation to the right to fair trial guaranteed by the constitution and international covenants concerned with human rights. EOHR appeals to the President to give effect to his constitutional and legal powers to stop trying civil workers before the military court. Generic Viagra Propecia
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On Sunday 22/8/2010 The Military court in Nasr City district charged 8 defendants (Mohamed Tarek Sayed – Hesham Farouk Aied – Tarek Sayed Mahmoud – Ayman Taher – Ahmed Taher – Wael Mohamed Bayoumi – Ahmed Mohamed Abdel-Mohaymen – Ali Nabil Ali) with the following accusations: the destruction of properties inside the factory  reached 162 thousand pounds, deliberately strike which led to casualties  reached one million and 300 thousand pounds, beating General “Mohammed Amin” Chairman of the factory’s board  in accordance with the injuries submitted in the medical report, also “Tarek Sayed was accused besides the  three previous charges of disclosing military secrets. The case was postponed for consideration on Wednesday next week.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman of EOHR confirmed his respect to the military judiciary and its provisions, he stressed on the importance of stopping the trial of civil workers before the military courts, he clarified that the crisis erupted due to the use of workers’ right to sit -in as they protested on the explosion of Nitrogen tube inside the factory , the matter which led to the death of “Ahmed Abdel Hady” and the injury of 6 persons. He called for revising the legislative structure so as to ensure the workers’ right to strike as the Egyptian law impose restrictions on the right to strike.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman of EOHR, clarified that the economic, social, and cultural rights committee has called the government in its final statement about Egypt in 2000 upon amending the Penal Code in order to permit the right to strike. The committee has expressed its concerns on a proposal to add  amendments on labor law, this proposal aims at  restricting  the right to strike and warns the labor committees to negotiate collectively on behalf of workers.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada indicated that the government is violating systematically the fundamental labor standards  that were recognized by International Labor Organization. He stated that the International Labor Organization (ILO)has ranked Egypt in June 2010 among the worst 25 states that violates worker’s rights. This was after the government failed to avoid the notices of ILO  about the workers’ legislatives, deterioration of workers’ situations and the fallback of  freedom of unions.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada  recommends to release freedom of unions for workers specially the right to freedom of opinion and the right to choose the appropriate way that workers  can use to express their opinions, the right to assembly, the right to strike and sit-in , revise the legislative  structure, adding  amendments on the unified labor law No.12/2003 which achieves the balance between workers’ interests and employers,  taking into consideration the income levels of citizens, release the freedom of trade unions  and NGOs that organize and defend the interests of the labor group, invite the Egyptian government to join and ratify the special covenants of protecting workers and employers and also the necessity of activating the role of  the ministry of manpower concerned with the complaints of workers whose their  rights were violated by employers, finally find an effective way to execute the decisions in favor of workers and to work on appoint workers permanently  whether in the official or non official sector.

EOHR confirms its consolidation  with workers of  (99 military factory). It appeals to all effective and democratic forces  in the Egyptian society in order to consolidate with them to be trialed  before their natural judge according to the Constitution and the International Covenants concerns with human rights.

It is worth noting that it is the third time which the civil workers have  been referred to special courts. In 1952 workers of Kafr El Dawar stroke  to  increase their wages. As a result, Mohamed Mostafa Hussein and Mohamed Abd El Rahman El Bakary have been referred to military trial and they were sentenced to death execution. In 1986 railway workers stroke  in 8 and 7 of July in 1986 as a result of their bad living and financial conditions. They impeded  the movements of railway trains, as a result, they have been referred to Supreme State Security Court of Emergency, they have been acquitted according to the international covenants on economical and social rights which Egypt has ratified in 1981 and  Article 8 guaranteed the right to peaceful strike.

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