EOHR issues its qualitative report on “Egyptian workers abroad …. Violation for human dignity”

August 31st, 2010 by Editor

EOHR issued its qualitative report on “Egyptian workers abroad …. Violation for human dignity” on Thursday 31/8/2010, this report comes in the frame of EOHR’s interests of Egyptian file abroad whether in Arab countries or foreign countries, and in the light of the aggravation of the worsening employment situation including :the dangers of ill-treatment, discrimination and unfair dismissal and persecution, torture and ill-treatment, and denial of movement, and the loss of financial rights and deprivation of economic and social rights, murder, kidnapping and illegal detention, as well as the continuation of a system of sponsor in some Gulf countries.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman of EOHR, confirmed that the violations monitored by EOHR in this report disclose the extent of degrading the Egyptians’ rights abroad especially in the Gulf countries in the light of sponsor system. This system is considered a clear violation for the international covenants concerned with human rights, despite the Egyptians’ revenues abroad which comes directly after Petroleum and tourism and it equal to the importance of Suez Canal  

As the volume of remittances from abroad is  about 7 billion pounds per year – according to the International Organization for Migration July 2010 – which is in favor of the Egyptian balance of payments and positively affect the funding sources for the public budget.

Abu Seada added that the report includes 3 main sections: legal and constitutional framework for the situations of Egyptians abroad, violations subjected by workers and recommendations.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada stressed on the necessity of coordination between authorities like Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its different departments which are concerned with traveling Egyptian workers abroad in order to protect the rights of these workers. The ministry and its departments must aware the Egyptians with their rights, legislations and laws to states they will travel for. 

They must guides the Egyptian workers with the way they will receive complaints in Embassies and Consuls in Egypt. Arrange Arab agreement to protect the rights of migrants workers and their families. Called the Arab government upon concluding bilingual or multilingual agreements between import and export states in order to guarantee the protection of migrant workers and criminalize the phenomenon of collective eviction.  

Establish national council for migration affairs and Egyptian abroad in order to have a comprehensive view which includes a specific policies to achieve the perused goal. Allow the Egyptians abroad to participate in the presidential, parliament elections and referendum which will be carried out in Egypt under the Egyptian constitution and International Covenant concerned with human rights.

Called gulf countries upon abolishing the sponsor system which is inconsistent with the provisions of the International Covenants concerned with human rights like International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and also the International Covenant on Economic and Social Rights. This sponsor system imposes restrictions on the freedom of movement of workers from one place to another. Restrictions imposed on workers which restrict choosing his work and forcing him to waive his financial rights.

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