The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) is calling for the immediate suspension of the evacuation of Darfur refugees

September 2nd, 2010 by Editor

EOHR is expressing its concern on the bad conditions of the Sudanese refugees of Darfur in Egypt. The Egyptian authorities have arrested a number of them in unknown places about 8 months ago. They were exposed to torture, ill-treatment and murder, which is considered a violation to the International Covenants on Human Rights as well as Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees(1951).

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EOHR received a complaint on 30-8-2010 stating that the Egyptian authorities have arrested a number of Sudanese refugees of Darfur about 8 months ago in unknown places. Those Sudanese refugees were exposed to different ways of violations as frightening, arbitrary,  detention and torture like Abu El Kassem Ibrahim El Hag, Faysal Mohammed Haron, and Adam Yehia Abd Allah.  The other refuguees were subjected to car accidents like Adam Abd El Hameed Mango 30 years old who was killed with  car accident and died in 2010, Abadeer Haman Arab who had car accident in 2010 and  his leg and hand were broken, Soliman Adam 70 years old who had car accident and died in 2009, and   Gomaa Ali Adam a young youth who died due to car accident on 6-10-2009.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the chairman of EOHR, called upon the non evacuation of the Sudanese refugees, the investigation in the cases of torture and the arbitrary detention of those refugees and uncovering the places of arrest of those refugees so that their families can get connected to them.

Mr. Abu Seada also expressed his fear from the arbitrary evacuation of those refugees, asking the Egyptian government to comply with the articles of the International Convention on Refugees, which is stating that ”  states which are signed to the Convention are not able to expel refugees whatever forcibly returned to any country where there are his or her life or freedom would be threatened because of his race, religion, nationality membership of a particular social group or political opinion”, which we fear of in case of deporting those people to Al Sudan. In addition to that the arbitrary deportation is considered a violation to the first paragraph of the third article of the “Convention Against Torture”, which is stating that” “No State Party shall expel, return (refouler) or extradite a person to another State where there are substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture”.

The chairman of EOHR recommended that the Egyptian government shall reconsider its attitude against the Sudanese refugees, especially those who are coming from areas of tension, and to try to address the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to reconsider its stand concerning the asylum of the Sudanese refugees, in addition to have the necessary guarantees from the Sudanese government to protect the Sudanese refugees who need to return to their country.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada stressed on the necessity of activating the International Conventions for the Protection of Refugees by issuing a legislation that legalize their situation in Egypt.


Egypt is the only Arab state that was among the preliminary committee which draft this convention and ratified it in 1981, but they didn’t issue a legislation which concerns with the situation of the refugees. This ratification consolidates with what has been stated in the Constitution in giving asylum right to highlight on Egypt’s obligations towards refugees. They have been exposed to several violations.

deprivation their children from attending governmental schools in primary stage. In work field they are treated like foreigners concerning the admission conditions and work permits unlike what has been stated in the convention. It stated that refugee shouldn’t be  treated as foreigner.

State should balance between refugees and citizens rights as for paid work. The matter which lead to a difficult conditions for the refugees in Egypt particularly under the decline of the balance of refugees in Cairo.

In this framework, EOHR called the government upon withdrawing all restrictions stated in the articles of the convention. Restrictions concerned with the right to primary education, work legislation and social security.

on the other side, EOHR appeals peoples assembly to prepare a bill to protect refugees inside Egypt. Amend the united work law no. 12/2003 in order to provide the refugee with work opportunity and not to treat him as foreigner. 

Egypt has no reservation on article 17 of the convention which concerns with paid work or article 18 concerns with self-employment.

Sudanese government must provide Sudanese refugees in Egypt a dignified return to their home voluntary. Communicate with the Offices of the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees in receiving states for these refugees.

Intervene in order to solve the crisis which they are imposed to abroad by providing financial assistances.

Sudan comes at the first rank in importing refugees to Egypt, in the second rank comes Somalia , Ethiopia, Sierra Leone and other nationalities. 

Number of refugees in Egypt reached( according to statistic of Cairo Office of the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees in 2004) 15365 refugees out of total 20374 refugees in Egypt, about 75% from total number of refugees under the protection of High Commissioner for Refugees.

It is worth noting that number of Sudanese asylum seekers haven’t been meet by the High Commissioner for Refugees.

Sudanese refugees are from different Sudanese regions and tribes. Their numbers are increasing after coup on 30 June in 1989.

There was several north and south opponents ( Dinka, Alcholck and Zande tribes, besides Nuba mountains) migrated to Egypt after the civil war 1983 and also Sudanese of Beja tribe( members in political party called Beja conference).

Starting from march 2003, thousand of Darfur citizens have been migrated to Egypt escaping from genocide and organized rob which occupied by governmental forces.

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