Political, partisan and legal forces submit a document for the integrity and impartiality of elections to the President of the Republic

September 6th, 2010 by Editor

At the end of a seminar entitled” guarantees the integrity and impartiality the elections of parliament in Egypt” which was held by EOHR  on 1/9/2010  at EOHR’s office, Political, partisan and legal forces submitted a document concerned with impartiality and integrity of the election of Parliament to the President of the Republic. They called upon carrying out the elections by unconditional proportional list Using ID number for the voters ID. Review the duty of High Commission for Elections in order to supervise the electoral process and its duration should be 6 years inside of 3 years. Stop working of emergency law the starting from beginning the nomination process until declaring the final results of the elections. The seminar included human rights activists, parties representatives, political forces and members of the parliament.   

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Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman of EOHR, called upon amending the conducting political rights law No.73/1956 and its amendments with law n0.172/2005 in a way that enables NGOs from observing the elections inside and outside the committees. The process of counting votes must be in public. Enables the candidates and NGOs to attend the counting of the ballot boxes and counting votes must be in the election center and handle a copy of each counting votes list to the candidates.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada stressed on the importance of coordination between NGOs and political parties about managing the electoral process specially hot consistencies. He declared the formation of civil coalition to observe the elections, this coalition includes more than 120 NGOs. The coalition will hold a meeting next September to declare its future plans.

Mr. Hussein Abdul el Razzaq, former chairman of El Tagamoo party, indicated that discussing the guarantees of integrity of the election of parliament is not fair, specially that Egypt was the first country that defines parliamentary and Shura councils and constitutions.

Abdul El Razzaq confirmed that all the electoral processes is rigged. He stressed that the only solution is amending the constitution by annulling the amendment which is carried out on article 88 on the constitution which abolished the judicial observation on elections and the restrictions imposed by article 179 of the constitution, it defects many articles of the constitution like article 41,42,43. He called upon abolishing the emergency state which is imposed on the Egypt. Abolish all the laws and legal articles that violates the fundamental rights.

Mr. Ashraf Balbaa, counselor of the chairman of El Wafd party, indicated that there is rigging in the elections under emergency law. He called all the political, partisan and civil forces upon keeping up the pressure on the system in order to force them to submit to peoples’ demands.

Mr. Abdel Hamid Barakat, chairman of Labor party, agreed with him. He clarified that parties in Egypt will not come together to boycott elections of the parliament .

Mr. Yosry Bayoumi ,member of People’s Assembly, confirmed that the complete judicial supervision on elections is necessary . he called upon the political reformation and amend all laws that violates the rights and public freedoms.

Dr. Salah Abdallah, former member of Peoples Assembly, clarified that the bases of rigging in Peoples Assembly is working by the individual system. The political parties is guilty because it supported the individual system in 1990, accordingly, we must return back to proportional list in order to avoid rigging.

The ambassador Mohamed Nagy, former chairman of El Ghad party, stressed on the importance of the amendment of the constitution and conducting political rights law and parties law to achieve the guarantees integrity and impartially of the election of parliament.

Mr. Ahmed Abdel Hady, chairman of Egypt’s youth party, indicated that political reformation should be achieved inside opposition parties.

Mr. Mahmoud Farghal Omran, chairman of Justice party, called upon setting up a limit to the amount of election propaganda which doesn’t exceed 150 thousand EPG and return back the judicial supervision on elections.

Mr. Mohamed Anwar El Sadat, chairman of Reformation and Development parties under establishment, confirmed that Egypt doesn’t fear the opposition or the social movements.

Mr. kamal Abbas, manager of center of Trade Union and Worker’s Services, called upon economic and social reformation specially under the worsening of the citizens living conditions.

At the end of the seminar, political, partisan, and human rights forces determined the guarantees of integrity and impartiality of carrying out the elections of the parliament :


  • 1) Carry out elections by unconditional proportional parties list and count all seats of every list according to the bases of votes on the level of the constituency. Abolish adding the differences of votes to the party which has the highest votes.
  • 2) Form judicial committee called” high commission of election” consists of chairman and 8 judges of courts of Appeal, nominated by general assembly of Cairo, Alexandria and Assiut court of Appeal. This committee must be formed by a presidential decree. Its duration should be 6 years inside of 3 years.
  • 3) Expanding the jurisdictions of the High Commission for Elections, as it should observe all the procedures of the elections starting from preparing electoral rolls and counting procedures .
  • 4) Abolish the current electoral roll and prepare new one by using the data of the national ID.
  • 5) Appoint a member or more from the judicial authorities in the High Commission for Elections to observe the electoral process and counting the votes.
  • 6) To be free in choosing the candidates deputies in polling stations.
  • 7) To carry out the counting of balloting boxes in the electoral college office. Prepare the election result’s minutes in the same place and the judge should sign it, the chairman of the sub-committees and the candidates deputies. The result should be approved by the chairman of election association and handle a copy to every candidate. Deliver the result of the counting votes to the general committee for collecting votes and declaring the results.
  • 8) Specify police forces to work under the observation of High Commission for Elections in order to maintain the security during the electoral process.
  • 9) The High Commission for Elections is committed to guarantee the process of providing the mandates one week pre-electoral process.
  • 10) The High Commission for Election is committed to set guarantees that pledge the expenditures of the candidate should not exceed the determined limit.
  • 11) The High Commission establishes administrative system that guarantees the possibility of the immediate communication to it incase there is any administrative or legal violations occurred during the preparation of the election arrangements or election day or counting votes process.
  • 12) Confirm the right of NGOs and mass media in monitoring the elections inside and outside the ballot committees and amend the conducting political rights :
  • – Article24, add a paragraph states that NGOs will be represented in front the public electoral commission and sub-commission. This representative should have the right to inter the electoral assembly during the electoral process.
  • – Amend article 27 to state that” the non voters, deputy of candidates, their representatives and representatives of NGOs must not attend the electoral assembly and prohibits their attendance with weapons and candidates may enter the election room”.
  • – Article 34, add a paragraph ” for the representatives of NGOs attend the counting votes committee”.

13) Stop working the emergency law starting from the beginning of open the door for candidacy until declaring the final results of elections

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