Series of continuing policy of muzzle Referring ” Hamdy Kandil” to Giza Criminal Court

September 6th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR expresses its concerns towards referring Hamdy Kandil, journalist and one of the leaders of the national movement of change, to Giza Criminal Court as he is charged with label and defame against the Ambassador Ahmed Abo El Gheit, The Minister of Foreign Affairs. He published an article in a newspaper. This considers as a new violation against the right of freedom of opinion and expression which is guarantees under the Constitution and International Covenant concerned with human rights. Prednisone And Mania
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Ahmed Abu El Gheit, The Minster of Foreign Affairs, has submitted a report in 16/5/2010 against Hamdy Kandil registered under no.9530/2010 after he published the article in El shorouk newspaper issued in 3/5/2010. the article entitled ” disgrace of home and the citizen”, Hamdy Kandil said that “Statement was inadvertently omitted from the mouth of the minister, who often drop out of his mouth words as falling waste from leaky garbage bag” . The matter which Ahmed Abu el Gheit concerned it label and defame.

The public prosecution has heard Ahmed Abu El Gheit’s lawyer claims and heard also the Hamdy Kandil’s lawyer claims. In 31/5/2010, the prosecution has released Hamdy Kandil after they has investigated with him. In 5/9/2010 Abdel Megeid Mahmoud, attorney general, decided to refer Hamdy Kandil to Giza Criminal Court charging him with label and defame against Ahmed Abu El Gheit.  

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the chairman of EOHR, confirmed that the journalist and author have the right to criticize according to the Constitution, as article 47 states that  “Every individual has the right to express his opinion and to publicize it verbally or in writing or by photography or by other means within the limits of the law.
Self-criticism and constructive criticism is the guarantee for the safety of the national structure”.  

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada added that Hamedy Kandil used his constitutional right as a citizen of the freedom of opinion and expression by using the right of criticize also the acceptable criticism is expressing an opinion on incident or an act without prejudice to a person or the employer or by defame him or degrade his dignity.

 Mr. Hafez Abu Seada added that the positive criticism in this case came in the framework of the society interest.

The interest of the society will be achieved, this interest is more important than the interest of the individual who could be harmed from this criticism. He stressed on that the journalist or the author should hold on to the acceptable criticism according to article 60 of the Penal Code ” the Penal Code don’t apply to every act committed in good faith”.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada called upon the government to be committed to its voluntary pledges before International Council for Human Rights in Geneva which concerned with the protection of the freedom of opinion and expression and the press according to its ratification on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and articles 46,47 and 49 of the Constitution.

Stop the practice of arbitrary practices against the journalist during exercising their right of freedom of opinion and expression and the freedom of the press.

Execute the presidential promise of 2004 which is abolish all the imprisonment sanctions and revise all the legislations concerned with the freedom of the press specially the articles which punish the journalists with imprisonment in all laws that concerns with the expression , publishing, printing and distributed in several laws among them the printing law and penal code.


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