EOHR… impartiality of the electoral process is a national demand for all the political forces in Egypt

September 16th, 2010 by Editor

The National Democratic Party refused carrying out any essential changes on the electoral system and the fundamental guarantees for the impartiality of the Parliament elections. The National Democratic Party filed its demands in a document entitled” the impartiality of the electoral process”, it calls for applying impartiality on peoples assembly elections which will start on next November. Lipitor Memory Loss
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Some amendments have been approved to give opportunity to mass media and NGO to monitor the elections and provide an equal chances to all candidates to present their electoral programs in mass media owned by the government.

The opposition parties including ” El Wafd, Democratic Front, El Tagmou, and El Arab El Nassery party” submit amendments to the law on the exercise of political rights which includes forming judicial committee to observe the elections. These parties called for independency of this committee and to be under full supervision of court of cassation instead of Cairo Court of Appeal. They called for the full observation of the electoral process according to the principal of box for every judge. Amending the electoral process from individually to proportional list system, these demands have been refused by the National Democratic Party.

EOHR believes that the refusal of the National Democratic Party to carry out these amendments on the electoral system by amending the law of exercising the political rights is not inconsistent with the demands of these four parties only but with the demands of all the political and social forces and NGOs.

EOHR calls for adding an essential amendments on the law of exercising political rights before holding the elections of peoples assembly. It is necessary to provide group of fundamental guarantees to guarantee the impartiality of the electoral process, it could be represented as follow:

  • Forming judicial committee ” Supreme Commission for Election”, includes a president and eight counselors of court of appeal. They will be collectively chosen by the general assembly of Cairo, Alexandria, and Assiut courts of appeals. This commission must be formed by a decree of the president, its duration should be 6 years instead of 3 years only.
  • Expanding the competence of ” Supreme Commission for Elections”, it supervises all the election’s procedures starting from preparing the electoral tables until declaring the election’s results, examine the candidates’ complaints , settle the appeals related to the electoral process, counting procedures, the validity and invalidity of votes.
  • The complete judicial supervision on elections.
  • NGOs represent an representative before every general or sub electoral committee, this representative must have the right to enter the electoral committee during the electoral process and attend the counting committee.
  • The necessity of separating between the state and the ruling party to prevent using buildings and means of transportation of the governmental institutions during the elections.
  • Carry out the elections in glass boxes, its made from plastic material which is similar to glass. This was used in several elections in European countries and some Arab states like Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco and Iraq.

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