One month improsenment in torture case of the citizen Shady Maged Zaghloul

September 23rd, 2010 by Editor

On 22/9/2010 October Misdemeanor Court resumed its judgment in case no.20651/2010. The accused persons are three police officers of 6th October police station. They were accused of torturing Shady Maged Said Zagloul Ibrahim. They were sentenced to one month imprisonment with labor and a fine of 200 L.E per each and compel them to pay 501 L.E for the provisional civil compensation. Order Lasix Without Prescription
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The case event go back to 2007The case’s events  go back to 2007 as Maged was arrested by a security force of 6th October police station on 14/10/2007 as he was accused in case No.   9383 -2007 Misdemeanor of trafficking drug materials – however Giza Criminal Court released him from this accusation in 3/2/2009. He was subjected to torture during the period of his detention inside the police station from 14/10/2007 to 24/10/2007, he was tied from his hands to the back of his feet and there is a stick between them he hanged with, he was beaten in different places in his body by stick and electric wires the matter which led to his injury and caused deformation in his left foot and a permanent disability. When Maged was subjected to the prosecution he asked to prove his injuries and he accused three officers of Physical assaulting and torture, so the prosecution decided to refer him to the forensic medicine to prove his injuries as the Attorney General decided to charge the three officers with the torture using tools. The case referred to October misdemeanor court and issued its judgment in 3/5/2010 in case no. 11933/2009 which issued its last decision.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, the chairman of EOHR, confirms that such decisions  represent a deterrent to whom commit crimes of torture against citizens, but at the same time calling for harsher punishment because torture is used inside prisons and police stations in order to obtain information from the accused persons.   

EOHR calls the Egyptian government to ratify on the two declarations indicated in articles (22 and 21) of the Convention against Torture, accordingly the Committee against Torture could take decisions on the complaints submitted by states or individuals related to Egypt’s violation to its commitments provided in the Convention on the torture crimes.

Also EOHR calls the Interior Ministry and the public prosecution to set rules, standards, controls and measures to monitor the performance of police officers, particularly in the investigation departments. Prepare cultural and training sessions for the police officers specially the personals who work in criminal investigation departments about the right way to treat the detainees in a way that guarantees the human dignity and his freedom that was guaranteed under the constitution, the law, and the provisions of the international covenants concern with human rights. Teaching human rights subject in the curriculum of police academy.

The necessity of cooperation with NGOs and the attorney general and the minister of defense must investigate its complaints. Enable their representatives from checking the prisons and detention and visit the police stations. The immediate investigation by the public prosecution in the complaints concerns with the assaults that is imposed to the detainees inside police stations filed by individuals, authorities and NGOs. Public prosecution should do periodical inspection on police stations and detention centers in order to know the legal situation of the detainees. 

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