The Egyptian coalition for monitoring elections calls High Commission for Election for providing the monitoring guarantees

October 5th, 2010 by Editor

Egyptian coalition for monitoring elections consisted of 120 associations distributed in 26 governorates calls the High  Commission for Election for providing the necessary facilitates for the alliance’s monitors in order to perform their national role  which is monitoring the next Parliament’s elections. Issue formal permits. The committee must declare the determined rules for the NGOs in order to monitor the electoral process. The coalition appeals all the governmental authorities, political parties, candidates and mass media to cooperate in order to facilitate achieving their tasks and in order to carry out an integrated elections. This came in the conclusion of the first meeting of the coalition yesterday 4/10/2010 in EOHR’s office. Buy Designer Replica Shoes Online
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Coalition’s members confirmed that they will address the official institutions concerned with electoral process to monitor the Parliament’s elections.

The members of coalition calls the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt for issuing a decree to amend the law on the exercise of political rights no.73 for 1956 and its amendments no.173 for 2005 in order to enable NGOs to monitor inside and outside the electoral committees, counting votes should be in public, candidates, their deputies and NGOs must check every box and give the candidates and their deputies a copy of the results of counting list.

The member’s of coalition clarifies that three articles in the law on exercising political rights must be amended, article 24 as it must add a paragraph that states that NGOs must have a representative before every general or sub electoral committee. This representative must have the right to enter the electoral committee during carrying out the electoral process. Amend article 27 which state ” candidates and their deputies and NGO’ representatives only can attend the electoral committee and who carry weapons prevent from attending the electoral process and the candidates may enter the poll station. Finally adding a final paragraph in article 34″ for the NGO’ representatives must check the counting committee”. 

The members of the coalition express their concern about the declaration of Mr. Moqbel Shaker the vice president of the National Human Rights Council. The members of the coalition also insisted on that both the local and the international monitoring for elections are a guarantee for the dignity of the electoral process, through this monitoring the electoral process will be done in a transparent environment, also help in providing trust in the elections, whether it took place through citizens, candidates or voters, Saying that the international monitoring is considered now, one of the recent global discourses.

 The members of this coalition agreed upon the necessity of identifying certain tool of communication between them so as to be able to face any problem which may appear during elections, and providing the Central Operational Room of the coalition with the monitoring reports and statements of the elections.

 The members of the coalition called all NGOs of human rights in all governments upon joining the coalition and participating in monitoring elections, to guarantee the dignity and safety of the upcoming legislative elections. Also they agreed upon forming Technical secretariat and quality committees, as well as an advisory panel of public figures who are known for their integrity and objectivity, impartiality and who are expertise in monitoring elections.

The Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring Elections will hold a press conference on 11-10-2010 at 2.00 PM, at the headquarter of Al Andalus center for Tolerance Studies, for announcing the founding document, which includes a definition for the coalition, its criteria, its rules, its funding, and its goals and working mechanism.

 Organizations participated in the meeting:
1 – the General Assembly for Human Rights – Monofia Governorate.
2 – Ladies Charitable Society – Port Said Governorate.
3 – Al- Thanaa Association for community development and environmental protection – Al-Behera Governorate.
 4 – The Egyptian Association for Anti-Smoking – Suez governorate.
5 – The Arab Association for support of civil society – Cairo governorate.
6 – The Arab Center for Human Development – Cairo governorate.
7 – The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights – Cairo governorate.
8 – Thoti group of Egyptian Studies – Alexandria Governorate.
9 – Andalus Institute for Tolerance Studies – Cairo governorate.
10 – Assembly of the conscience of human rights – Al- Dakahlia governorate.
11 – Egyptian Transparency association – Cairo governorate.
12 – Aiady association to care for the disabled – Menia Governorate.
13 – Association of Community Development – Sohag Governorate.
14 – Association of General development of handicraft projects – Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.
15 – Mafazat Al Islam Association – Cairo governorate.
16  – Al Marsad Charitable Association – Al Menia Governorate.
17 – CTUWS and labor – Helwan.
18 – The National Voice Organization for Human Rights – Qaliubiya Governorate.

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