EOHR submits bill of combating corruption in the electoral campaigns to the President of High Commission for Election and Dr. Mofid Shehab

October 11th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR Submits in 11/10/2010 bill of combating corruption takes place in the electoral campaigns to the President of High Commission for Election and Dr. / Mofid Shehab Minister of Legal Affairs & Parliamentary Councils. Buy Discounted Replica Handbag Online
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Hafez Abu Seada, the chairman of EOHR, submitted the bill which includes 28 articles. This bill aims to set up rules to monitor the electoral campaigns’ expenses in order to protect the participation in the administration of public affairs of the state, express the public consent and its protection. He also stressed on that the bill ‘articles guarantee impartiality and transparency.

He also added that the bill determines the electoral campaigns’ expenses and forms of bribery.

Hafez Abu Seada stressed that every candidate must open a bank account in an accredited bank. He must deposit all funds allocated for his electoral campaign and all donations. Withdrawing money from the bank account must be under the supervision of a certified public accountant. The candidate has to give the High Commission for Election all records, and financial transactions that he use after the termination of the electoral process. He also added that the bill granted the High Commission the power to cancel a candidate from the electoral process in case he exceeded his expenses limit and result in invalidation of his nomination in case he succeeded and remunerate the injured candidate.

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