EOHR holds the 11th annual intellectual forum Towards a new Egyptian constitution

November 8th, 2010 by Editor

The Egyptian organization for human rights (EOHR)in cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation will hold the 11th  annual intellectual forum ” Towards a new Egyptian constitution” on Wednesday and Thursday 10-11 Nov 2010 at Pyramiza Hotel – Dokki. This forum includes a number of representatives of political parties and members of People’s Assembly and Shura Council and human rights activists.

Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman of EOHR confirmed that the forum aims at discussing the reasons for changing the current constitution 1971, the national contributions submitted in this regard starting from constitution 1923, constitution 1954  drafted by a group of political and constitutional experts, the  constitution of Helmy Murad, the project  prepared by the defense committee on democracy to amend constitution 1971 to limit the powers of the president and executive authority and the constitution  prepared by Dr. Mostafa Al Nasharty in 1995 and the constitution prepared by Mr. Essam Al Islambouly in 2009.

Abu Seada added that the forum discusses several main cases including: the necessary to set a new constitution, the competences of the president, does Egypt need a vice-president, the relation between the government and the parliament , the economic cases .. places of defects and ways of amendment , good governance in Egypt .. opportunities and problems, constitution and judicial power and searching for independency.

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