Report number 1The Results of the monitoring efforts conducted by the Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring Elections

November 28th, 2010 by Editor

Violence Breaks Out from the Beginning of the Elections


The Egyptian parliamentary elections take place today -28/11/2010- to choose 508 representatives, 64 of which are women-quota representatives, from a total of 5181 running candidates,4801of which are running for regular parliamentary seats and 380 candidates who are running for women-quota seats according to statistics issued by the Higher Elections Commission (HEC).

The elections take place in 222 constituencies within which there are 44,500 Polling stations  throughout the country under a judicial supervision over the general electoral commissions  through 2286 judges and another 267 thousand public sector and government employees who constitute the presidents and members of the electoral polling stations.

The elections have witnesses a set of violations. Examples of such instances of violence have so far included:

 First: the use of force and violence from the beginning of the elections which threatens the electoral process and establishes violence as a weapon used against the will of the people.

Second: Errors in electoral rolls.

 Third: pre-marking ballots in favor of some candidates.

Fourth: banning the civil society monitors from performing their monitoring tasks.

Fifth: preventing the deputies of some candidates from entering the voting stations while exclusively allowing those of the candidates of the National Democratic Party (NDP) in addition to harassing and attacking the deputies of the non-NDP candidates.

Sixth: preventing voters from delivering their votes.

Seventh: delaying the opening of the doors of the voting stations for the voting process to begin.

Eighth: mass transportation of people who are pushed to vote for certain candidates

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian Coalition for Monitoring Elections (herein after the Coalition) includes 123 developmental and human rights organizations and NGOs located throughout 26 governorates in all of Egypt. An operation room is held in the headquarters of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) which is made of members of the EOHR, the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR), the Station for Trade Unions and Workers’ Services (CTUWS), and Andalus Institute for Tolerance and anti-Violence Studies.

This report lists all the violations documented by the Coalition until 11 A.M. as follows:

   First: use of force and violence:

The Coalition monitors in Polling stations  number 1:16 in Samanud Girls’ school in Gharbiya governorate have reported witnessing the firing of tear gas bombs by the security apparatus as well as witnessing incidents of preventing the voters from accessing the voting stations due to a gunshot that was fired from an anonymous person inside the electoral station which hasn’t resulted in any injuries. 

The Coalition monitors in Qena have reported witnessing preventing the voters from accessing the voting stations and the use of force and violence by the security apparatus in the commission of Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed school in Qus’s fourth constituency.

The Coalition monitors have also reported the presence of heavy security forces with more than 15 armored cars to transfer soldiers to El-Sa’a square in Victoria and in front of El-Faluga School in Abu Soliman.

In Aswan, the Coalition monitors in the constituency of Kumbo Nasr Al-Nuba have reported the occurrence of incidents of violence and bullying in favor of the candidates of the NDP.

Second: errors in the electoral rolls:

The Coalition observers in Polling stations  number 57:62 in Awlad Khalaf primary school in the Faraskur constituency of Damietta have reported witnessing the inclusion of dead people’s names in the electoral rolls. Within this theme, in  voting station number 57, several names of dead people were found within the electoral rolls as follows:

  • – The name: “Al-Sa’id Abdulerahman Abu-musa” under the serial number: 58, record number: 137
  • – The name: “Abu El-Ma’ati El-Sayid Azzam under the serial number: 313, record number: 404

In polling station number 58 the name: “Abd el-salam Abd el-salam Farag Khalil” was found under the serial number: 337, record number: 148. The name “Mhammad Tawfiq Ali Ayed” registered under the serial number: 79, record number: 764, and the name “Muhammad Muhammad El-Qassabi registered under the serial number: 182, record number: 370 were found in the electoral rolls of polling station number 59. In polling station number 60, the name “Buthainah Taha Abu Mustafa” was found to be registered under serial number: 333, record number: 2. In polling station number 61, the name: “Sabah Ahmed El-Naggar” was found to be registered under the serial number: 255, record number: 13.

In addition to including the names of some dead people in the electoral rolls, the Coalition monitors have noticed the repetition of several names in different Polling stations ‘ rolls. In polling station number 57, El-Sayid Rashad Ahmed Abu Shirma was registered both under serial number: 234, record number: 321, and under serial number: 493, record number: 569. Moreover, the name of Effat Abd el-aleem Abu Salama was found in polling station number 61 three times. The first time was under the serial number: 466, record number: 204. The second was under serial number: 656, record number: 90; and the third was under the serial number: 510, record number: 251. Also, in polling station number 590 in the same school, the voter’s name “Muhammad Muhammad Abd el-mgeed” was  repeated twice; the first time was under the serial number: 314, record number: 510; and the second was under the serial number: 214, record number: 402. The voter’s name “Huda Ali El-Ayuti” was repeated twice in polling station number 62 in Awlad Khalaf Primary school under serial number: 529, record number: 100, and under the serial number: 540, record number: 111.

Third: pre-marking the voting ballots:

The Coalition monitors in stations 57 :62 in Awlad Khalaf primary school in the the Faraskur constituency of Damieeta have reported the expulsion of the candidates’ deputies except for those of the NDP candidates. After re-entering the voting stations, the non-NDP candidates’ deputies were socked to find that the ballots were pre-marked in favor of the NDP candidates.

In Dakahlia, in commission number 144 in El-Amiriya school in the Bandar El-Mansoura constituency, the Coalition observers have reported that a voter named Muhammad El-Mitwali Abd El-wahab who is registered under record number: 2591 was given a ballot pre-marked in favor of the NDP candidate to which he objected and shredded the ballot after which it was replaced.

In Damieeta, in Meet El-Khuly Trade school which follows the El-Zarqa constituency, the ballots were pre-marked in favor of the NDP candidates.

Fourth: Banning the civil society monitors:

Monitors of the Coalition at the electoral commission 102 at Abu sekeen school in the forth constituency of Al Hamool and Borolos districts in Kafr El Sheikh, reported that civil society monitors were banned from entering.

Fifth: banning and attacking candidates’ deputies 

The Coaliton  monitors at El-sadat school in the district of Samanud in Garbia governorate reported a sit-in in front of the commission  by the candidates’ deputies in objection to banning them from entering.

In the governorate of Monofeya, at Shuhadaa constituency, the deputies of  Yusri Taaleeb -a running candidate- were banned from entering voting stations. The same situation took place at Saad Darwish preparatory school and El-sadat secondary school at Tala where deputies of Mohamed Anwar Sadat were prevented from entering the voting stations as their authorization were rejected for not being stamped by the security directorate or the head of the police stations even though these authorizations were stamped by the Recorder of Deeds (El-Shahr El-Aqari).

In Dakahleya; at electoral commission 182 of Meet Ghamr constituency, deputies of the Muslim Brothers were reported to be banned from entering Polling stations . The same situation took place at Bandar Mansoura constituency in the Polling stations  of the Religious Institute and Al-Ameereya school as Dr. Ibrahim El Iraqi’s deputy was banned from entering even though she had an authorization authenticated by the Recorder of Deeds. Also the same situation took place in Polling stations  102:106 at Omar Ibn Al Khattab school.

In the governorate of Menia, in commission 151 at Malawy and Abu Qurqas constituencies, and Eid Basha school commission of the fourth constituency of Qus, authorizations of independent candidates’ deputies were reported to have been rejected.

In the governorate of Fayoum, at the third commission of the Local Unit at Snuras constituency, the Coalition monitors have reported the expulsion of the independent candidates’ deputies while exclusively allowing the NDP candidates’ deputies to be present as the independent candidates’ deputies’ authorizations are not stamped by the security directorate. The same situation took place at Munsha`at Abdullah school commission of the second constituency for not stamping the authorizations. Alsi, at the Lahoon school commission in the district of El-fayoum,  the NDP candidate Mohamed Mostafa El Khouly attacked some deputies including Mohamed Moawad and Mohamed Sayed Qarbeety and threw them out of Polling stations .

In the governorate of Kafr El Sheikh, the deputy of Al Wafd candidate was banned from entering the commission number 48 Dsouq district at Kafr El Sheikh.

In the governorate of the 6th of October all candidates’ deputis and deputies at Oseem Commerce secondary school commission of Oseem constituency were dismissed.

In Alexandria, the Coalition monitors have reported preventing the deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate from entering the commission of Fouad Mohy El-din school at the Montazah constituency.

In Aswan, the Coalition monitors have reported banning Muhammad El-Omda, the deputy of El-wafd party candidate, from entering the Polling stations  of the Cumbo Nasr El-Nuba constituency. 

Sixth: preventing the voters from voting

The Coalition monitors at commission 151 at Malawy in Menia have reported that the voters were banned from reaching the polling stations which also took place at Berttatt school atthe sixth constituency of El-adwa.

Seventh: delayed start

The Coalition monitors at Salahuddin and Beni Osman schools at Snuras constituency of El-fayoum reported that the electoral Polling stations  were closed until 9:30 as the president of the commission was not present yet.

In Alexandria, the opening of commission at Sidi Beshr school Al Raml constituency was delayed.

Eighth: Mass Transit

The Coalition monitors have reported mass transit of workers of the factory number 909 for Military Production to vote for NDP candidate at Hadayel Helwan – Maadi.


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