EOHR calls for an immediate investigation in the case of the death of the citizen Mustafa Attia El Saied.

December 8th, 2010 by Editor

EOHR expresses its concern about the death of the citizen Mustafa Attia Al Saied in Alexandria Governorate by 2 of the secret detectives of Mena El Basal police station. This case is an evident on the continuity of torturing cases, which take place by the executive authority, as the case of Khaled Saied is still debated in the courts.

The details of this case are that Mr. Mustafa had had a credit from the bank, but he couldn’t repay the money in the due date, so the bank filed a case against him and did have a sentence. After that Mr. Mustafa could repay the money to the bank, but he didn’t extract a palm research certificate from the competent court, so one of the secret detectives went to his home to arrest him, and began to beat him, then that detective griped him tightly from his t-shirt neck, which lead to his death by suffocation.

A record was edited in the specified prosecution, and the dead body of Mr. Mustafa was examined by the department of the forensic medicine to determine the cause of the death.

In this context, EOHR calls upon the revision of the existed legislations concerned with punishing the perpetrators of torture cases, as well as abolishing the existed legislations which helped in spreading the torture as a tool used by the police and the executive authority in Egypt. From those legislations are the Emergency Law No. 162 for 1985, the Penal Code No.58 for 1938, and the police institution law No. 109 for 1971 which put no limitation for the usage of violence by the police.

Therefore, EOHR calls upon the immediate investigation of the specified prosecution in the case of the death of Mr. Mustafa Attia El Saied, and trying whoever responsible for his death. EOHR also calls the government upon ratifying the 2 declarations referred to in the articles No. 21 and 22 of the International Convention Against Torture. Through those declarations the Committee against Torture of the UN could decide on any complaint presented to it from any country or individual, if Egypt has violated the convention or not. 

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