EOHR Condemns the Bloodshed Fatwa of ElBaradei and demands the Prosecutor General to Run Investigation

December 22nd, 2010 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights EOHR condemns the fatwa issued by Ansar al-Sunnah Society at Al Behraira Governorate to bloodshed Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, former director of the International Agency for Atomic Energy and chairman of the National Association for Change, and demanding the Prosecutor General to investigate the matter.

The statement issued by Ansar al-Sunnah Society on its website and circulated by newspapers and news agencies cited Mahmoud Amer, head of Al Behaira branch of the society saying: ” the attempts by Dr. ElBaradei to incite sedition among people by calling for disobedience requires the care-takers represented in the government and President Hosni Mubarak to physically eliminate him in case he do not stop” and that ElBaradei demands the masses to engage in civil disobedience, if the regime didn’t reconcile to the seven demands for reform stated in the statement by the National Association for Change. Its worth mentioning that this association was founded by ElBaradei after his return to Cairo in February 2010. The reform statement already gathered almost one million signatures.


Mr. Hafez Abu Seada, chairman of EOHR, described this fatwa as a very serious threat, as it constitutes a crime of incitement to murder under Article 172 of the Egyptian Penal Code, stressing that the leniency with this fatwa will open the door to undermine the foundations of the civil state. Abu Seada added that:” this call is offensive to Islam and its tolerance, and should confronted and stop those who are trying to impose their guardianship on the Egyptian society.


EOHR emphasizes its denouncement to these calls for the shed of blood and declaring intellectuals writers and opposition as infidels, believing that the right of opinion and expression and the right to peaceful assembly are constitutional rights that must be respected and ensured. EOHR calls upon all intellectuals and opinion makers to stand against these irresponsible calls which spread lately, starting from the assassination of President Anwar Sadat in 1981 and thinker Farag Fouda and the attempted assassination of the late novelist Naguib Mahfouz. EOHR also demands the Prosecutor General to stand decisively against those who issue fatwas from time to time that permit the killing and intimidation of citizens, and apply the law  to protect freedom of opinion, expression and rule of law, and also to preserve the security of the Egyptian society.  



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