The Egyptian Organization for Human Right Demands the Immediate Investigation in the Incident of Torturing Egyptians on the Libyan Borders and the Punishment of Offenders

January 6th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses it strong condemnation of what citizens Salah Sa’d Fadil, Kilani Sleem, Shu’aib Muhammad have been exposed to including physical assault, degradation and humiliation by one of reconnaissance officers of the Libyan border guards in a flagrant violation to the right of personal security protected under international conventions concerned with human rights.

Through EOHR’s follow up of the incident, it has received the complaint of Mr. Saleh Attiya, the lawyer of the family of the two young men on 6/1/2011 which stated that:

“During November 2010, the abovementioned has crossed the Egyptian-Libyan borders illegally to work in Libya. However, they were surprised to be stopped by Libyan reconnaissance forces, “border guards”, under the leadership of Colonel “Gum’a Tantush”. They have been arrested and led to an area called “Al-Bardi” where they were shocked as they were stripped of their attires and were exposed to verbal insults and degrading and undignified treatment as well as physical assault including slapping them on the face. One of the soldiers there has taped the assault using a cell phone and leaked it to newspapers”

In his turn, Mr. Hafez Abu Saeda, the chairman of EOHR has emphasized that the incident of torturing the two Egyptian citizens opens the file of the violations committed against Egyptians abroad due to the violations they endure in Arab prisons.

Abu Saeda has called for the Egyptian authorities to quickly address their Libyan counterparts to intervene in the case to open an investigation in the incident of torture mentioned above and to punish the perpetrators and put them on trial especially in the light of Libya’s ratification of the International Convention Against Torture in 1989. He thus emphasized the importance of investigating incidents of torture Egyptians are exposed to in all Arab and foreign countries and of presenting offenders to trial. This would be done in compliance with the international human rights conventions and the International Convention against Torture.

In that regard, EOHR will address the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Libyan Embassy in Cairo to follow the investigations in the case.

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