The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Calls for the Retrial of the Accused in the Case of the Muslim Brotherhood International Organization before their Natural Judges

January 9th, 2011 by Editor

The High State Security Criminal Court (emergency) has ruled in its session of yesterday, 8/1/2011, on case number 404 for the year 2009 commonly known as the case of “the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood”. The ruling punished Dr. Ashraf Muhammad Abd Al-Haleem Abd Al-Ghaffar, preacher Muhammad Al-Qurany. Preacher Dr. Wagdi Abd Al-Hameed Muhammad Ghunaim and Ibrahim Munir Ahmed Mustapha with a strict 5 year prison sentence in absentia. It has also punished Dr. Usamma Muhammad Soliman with strict 3 year imprisonment sentence in addition to a 5 million and 600 thousand Euro fine and the confiscation of the seized 2 million and 700 thousand Euro in his presence.

Ashraf Muhammad Abd Al-Ghaffar. Aa`id Muhammad Al-Qurany, Wagdi Ghunaim and Ibrahim Munir have been accused of funding a group banned by and founded to the contrary of the rulings of law in 2009 with 4 million sterling pounds to finance its organizational activities the way shown in the investigations. Ibrahim Munir and Usamma Soliman on the other hand have been accused of laundering 2 million and 800 thousand Euro whose source is funding a banned group by the firstly accused.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) has followed the procedures of trial since its beginning. As such, EOHR confirms that trials before State Security Emergency Courts, which are established through emergency law during declared emergencies in the country, is a violation in itself. This is because of the inability of the accused to appeal those rulings on the one hand, and the extensive trials of the accused before special courts formed under emergency law number 162 for the year 1958 thus ripping individuals from their right to be tried before their natural judge and to appeal rulings issued against them before a higher court.

In that regard, EOHR demand the retrial of those accused in case number 404 for the year 2009 before their natural judge and demands the guarantee of all their legal rights in going through the courts hierarchy and in appealing rulings according to law. EOHR also demands the termination of the state of emergency which is in order since 1981 and which entitles the violation of rights and freedoms protected under the constitution and international human rights conventions especially the right to fair trial.

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