The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Demands that the Army Intervenes Immediately to Counter and Stop the Assault of Protestors

February 2nd, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deep concern regarding the flagrant attack on peaceful protestors in Tahrir Square by some thugs who have been used during parliamentary elections and some security members dressed in civilian clothes according to the testimonies of eyewitnesses.

In that regard, EOHR demands that the army immediately intervenes to stop these assaults against protestors to preserve their lives according to their legitimate right to peaceful protest.

EOHR thus renews its trust given to the Egyptian army and reminds it of its promises to not use force against protestors and its admission of their legitimate demands. EOHR demands that the army intervenes to stop assault against protestors.

On the second hand, EOHR condemns the attempts made to assault satellite channels correspondents within the context of the assault made against the correspondent of Al-Arabiya, Ahmed Bigato and the continuation of blocking the airing of Al-Jazeera which constitutes a violation of their right to the freedom of expression and exchange of information. 

EOHR keeps observing and documenting all the violations exerted against peaceful protestors in Tahrir Square and in the different governorates of Egypt in addition to those directed against satellite channels correspondents and journalists through its lawyers’ network in these governorates.

EOHR is also documenting the crimes against humanity which were committed and led to the death of 300 people and the injury of many more so far.

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