Activists in Danger

February 3rd, 2011 by Editor

EOHR Demands that the Fates of Human Rights Activists are made Public and that they are Immediately Released

EOHR Demands that the Policy of Violence against Journalists and Reporters is Abandoned

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) expresses its deep concern regarding the lives of a number of human rights activists working in Egyptian and international human rights organizations demanding that they are immediately released and that their detention places be made public immediately to protect their lives against danger.

The information received by EOHR states that people who claimed to be part of the military police have broke into the headquarters of Hisham Mubarak legal center on Thursday, 3/2/2011, and arrested 25 human rights activist including Ahmed Seif Al-Islam Hamd the director of the center, Sa’id Hadad, an Algerian researcher in Amnesty International and Daniel Williams, an American researcher in Human Rights Watch after those people have besieged the headquarters of the center.

EOHR confirms its full condemnation of the disappearance of the human rights activists as mentioned before because it constitutes a flagrant violation of the right to freedom and personal security in addition to the right to the freedom of expression without interference. This act contradicts with the Egyptian constitution and the relevant international human rights conventions ratified by the Egyptian government and thus becoming part of its domestic law according to Article 151 of the constitution. EOHR demands that their fates are made public immediately the reasons leading to their forced disappearance being clarified.

On the other hand, EOHR strongly condemns the violations directed against a number of journalists and reporters in Tahrir Square and the different governorates of Egypt. An example of that was what the journalistic crews of BBC, CNN, Al-Jazzera, Al-Arabiya and Al-Hurra have been exposed to. Also incidents of assault have occurred against some of the reporters of Al-Youm Al-Sabi’ Newspaper in addition to attempts of assault which have been directed against the headquarters of Al-Masry Al-Youm and Al-Shorouq newspapers.
In that regard, EOHR demands that all the civil society and Egyptian, regional and international media organizations will come together to face the fierce the brutal attack directed against human rights activists, reporters and media representatives whether they were Egyptians, Arabs or Foreigners. This is in defense of their right to peaceful assembly and their rights to the freedoms of opinion and expression and the freedom of information exchange. EOHR will address both the special Rapporteur on the freedom of opinion and expression and the UN special Rapporteur on the defenders of human rights about the violations mentioned before. 

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