The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Files a Report for the General Prosecutor against Habib Al-Adly

February 7th, 2011 by Editor

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) has filed a report on behalf of the Egyptian Committee for Fact Finding and Corrupting Combating (ECFFCC)[1] on Monday, 7/2/2011 to the general prosecutors, Abd Al-Mageed Mahmoud, against Major General Habib al-Adly, the former minister of interior to take all the necessary legal and administrative measures to start an immediate investigation with him for the committing of several crimes against the Egyptian people in general, and the peaceful protestors in Tahrir Square and the different Egyptian governorates in particular especially on the days of the 25th and the 28th of January, 2011. This report included a request that EOHR be able to attend the investigations because it represents some of the victims of these violations[2] in order to be able to take the civil prosecution measures in their favor.

Report number 1416 for the year 2011 included in the indictments of the general prosecutor refers to the constitution[3] and relevant human rights conventions[4] in addition to the Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials[5]. It also refers to articles 129, 280 and 282 of the Egyptian Penal Code and to the UN Convention Against Torture and other conventions relevant to cruel and inhumane treatment. This is added to Article 2 and clause c of Article 3 of the Convention on Genocide in addition to decision number 139 of the Minister of Interior for the year 1955 regarding setting the provisions of public assemblies and demonstrations in its second Article on the measure of dispersing crowds and demonstrations and articles 1,3, and clause number 3 of Article 41 of law number 109 for the year 1971 on the affairs of the police.

The report accused the former Minister of Interior of committing crimes against the peaceful protestors on 25/1/2011 through issuing direct orders for officers and soldiers to fire live and rubber bullets in addition to shotguns and tear gas bombs on demonstrators which led to the death of 4 citizens in Suez City and the injury of hundreds all over the country, and through allowing police officers and agents to use excessive force to attack the peacefully protesting citizens through hitting them with hands, legs, sticks, wooden clubs, electrical sticks and water which is considered an incitement to committing the crime of physical torture. The accusations also include allowing them to chase the peaceful protestors using armored cars which put the lives of hundreds at risk.

EOHR has also accused al-Adly of committing crimes on Friday, 28/1/2011 for the repetitive issuance of orders to officers and soldiers to shoot live, rubber and shotguns at demonstrators who assembled peacefully which led to the death of tens of citizens in different parts of Egypt including the governorates of (Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, North Sinai and Dakalheya) in addition to the injury of hundreds in different places. The accusation also include once more allowing officers and police agents to use excessive force in attacking peacefully assembled citizens through hitting them with hands, legs, sticks, wooden clubs, electrical sticks and water which constitute an incitement for committing the crime of physical torture.

The accusations directed against al-Adly regarding the Egyptian people in general according to the report filed by EOHR include him issuing orders for all police forces including officers, and police agents to withdraw from their positions immediately in contradiction to the decision of the president of the republic which stated an order for armed forces to take stations in cities to preserve security and order in cooperation with police forces. This has led to exposing the public peace and security to danger and the escape of prisoners and detainees from their detention locations in prisons and police stations which resulted in terrorizing unsuspecting citizens and caused a state of panic and chaos all over the country due to the acts of robbery and looting committed and to the acts of some thugs who have attacked general and private properties. Such attacks included the burning of some bank branches, destroying ATM machines and looting the branches of some grand commercial malls and burning them down.


[1] ECFFCC has been formed after the events of the demonstrations of the 25th of January. It includes a number of human rights organization and public and political figures. To find out about the details, please visit EOHR website at (

[2] –  The family of Hussain Taha Hussain, deceased on 28/1/2011 due to a gunshot wound.

   – The family of Hussain Gom’a Hussain, deceased on 28/1/2011 due to gunshot wound to the chest.

   – Mustapha  Kamal Muhammad who sustained injuries on 25/1/2011 including a crack in the nose bones and an incised wound on the left side of his upper lip.

   – Tariq Ibrahim Ahmed Abd al-Fattah who sustained injuries on 25//2011 from a shotgun which led to many wounds through his body.  

[3] Articles 41, 47, 54 and 184

[4] Articles 7, 19 and 2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Articles 3,5 and 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Right.

[5] Articles number 12,9,13 and 4.



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