The Fact Finding Egyptian Committee for Fighting Corruption

February 8th, 2011 by Editor

The members of the Committee have supposed certain amendments for the constitutional articles no. (76, 77, 93, and 179), as a first step for holding fair presidential elections, which shall be succeeded by the complete reformation for the constitution. The committee supposed also the importance of including a new article in the constitution stating that the Egyptian President has the right to call upon electing constituent assembly to constitute new constitution. That what was announced at the end of the 2nd meeting for the committee at the headquarter of EOHR.

The proposed amendments are as follows:

The Article No. 76:

” the right to run for the presidency is a right guaranteed for every political party and every Egyptian on the condition that each candidate shall collect a number of 50, 000 signature from 10 governorates with at least 3,000 signature from each governorate”.

The Article No. 77:

“The presidential term shall be of 4 years starting from the date of announcing the result of the election, and it is possible for the president to run to another term of presidency election”.

The Article No. 88:

“The law shall define the conditions to be met in the members of the parliament, on the condition that the elections are conducted under the supervision of the judiciary system”.

Article No. 93:

“The appeals against elections shall be proposed to the Supreme Constitutional Court on the condition that the court shall adjudicate within 90 days, and the appeal shall be proposed within a month from the date of announcing the result of the elections. The decision of the Supreme Constitutional Court is considered a final decision”. 

The Article No. 179:

“The state shall work on protecting the public order and security against the threat of terrorism and the law shall regulate the special provisions reasoning and investigation procedures required by the need to confront these threats on the condition that it ensures the promotion and protection of human rights contained in Part IV of the Constitution and international covenants on human rights that have been ratified or ratified by the Arab Republic of Egypt”.

The Transitional Article:

“The work with this constitution shall be continued until the new constitution is ready, on the condition that the Egyptian president shall call for electing the constituent assembly responsible for setting the new constitution, and the law shall regulate the conditions of electing the members of the constituent assembly. The elections for choosing the constituent assembly shall be completely supervised by the judicial system”.

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